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Vintage Matchbook Love

I love candles which means I like matchbooks.  I recall when restaurants had them at the hostess stands and most definitely in hotels.  I remember seeing them everywhere and not being of an age where I needed them.  As an adult I love a good matchbook and think they are definitely more of a lost art when it comes to marketing.  It is easier (and cheaper) to sell your business on social media than to print custom matchbooks, although I am always so impressed when I see people take the plunge to invest in them.

They instantly have my attention. 

Custom matchboxes were one of the first investments I made (after business cards) when I decided to make the blog a full time commitment. I paired them with my favorite candle and sent them to people I wanted to work with and got a response from every single one.  I think the combination of the custom matchbooks + a great smelling candle got their attention.  I can't take credit for the idea, it came from my brand manager at the time. It was a great idea, and it most definitely worked!

I love collecting matchboxes and it reminded me of so many amazing collections I have seen others create. I feel like collecting matches was something grandparents did when I was younger and I would see large glass jars filled with them. I love spying a good collection of matches on coffee tables. side tables and on bookcases.  It instantly gets me thinking, did they collect them all or inherit them?  Do they love each one, do they bring back memories? 

What a story those matches could tell. 

I love this article about great matchbooks from New York City and the Hamptons, it makes me want to visit immediately just to be able to collect them all.  I most definitely have my eye peeled for places we love to go just in case they have matches ready for their guests. 

I have matchbooks in a few areas in the house and the largest of my collection is in a blue and white tureen in our powder room.  I could probably relocate them but I love that so many people comment on them when they come to visit.  I have recently started a second bowl of them in my office and I love how quickly it is beginning to develop.  I think I may be a collect things in a bowl type of girl, and I think I love that. 

If you are thinking about how to start a collection I would recommend keeping your eye out when you are out and about.  Some of my favorite places we eat and stay still have matchbooks and I would recommend grabbing some when you see them at your favorites.  You can also order some darling new ones here from my friend Anne.  If you are looking for some vintage options to add to your collection I have rounded up quite a few of them in the shopping link below.  While I was working on writing this post I stopped and googled some of my favorite places we visited as a child and found a few of them available on Ebay.  I can't wait to add them to my collection.  I think I spent $12 and got five that will be really special to me. 

I love seeing matchbooks in bowls either on bookcases or coffee tables.  I think these blue and white bowls that would be fabulous ... or these rose medallion bowls which I also love. If you have a collection send me a picture of yours.  I would love to know if you have one, how it came to be and if you have any you inherited.  I think my favorite display is one that is a great mix of old and new. 

Happy collecting and most importantly ... happy Monday!

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