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Vitamin Sea

I woke up this morning had my coffee with a view of palm trees, blue skies and the sound of the ocean and it was truly perfect.  After a long drive yesterday we arrived mid afternoon, just in time to have lunch, get settled in, watch the sunset, and enjoy take out pizza before calling it a night.  As you know I am so happy at the beach and I am even happier here on the west coast of Florida since this is the coast we visited when I was a child and up until we added the second child. (Once we had two kids we felt like anything over six hours was hard to manage) Many Saturdays, summers and even weeks were spent here in Sarasota and on Long Boat Key, Lido Key, Anna Maria, Indian Rocks Beach, and Clearwater. These next five days before school starts will be spent soaking up time with the kids, lots of relaxation and some serious refreshing. 🌴

It was a crazy week and I left without doing my regular packing routine which normally starts a good week in advance of a trip.  I make a long list and just gather as I remember things and then at the end I double check I have all of my necessities and I am packed and prepared.  This time notsomuch.  Since I am currently at the beach without a few things I need (as in bathing suit tops 😳+ beach towels + a small cooler for drinks) I figured this would be a perfect time to update my list to make sure I am ready next time ... and to help anyone else who would be in the same boat I found myself in when I arrived.  While I am on the confessing band wagon, as a bonus I ordered InstaCart only to realize I had it delivered to my house.  So although we still need groceries my sweet husband is enjoying the fresh fruit, lunch fixings, and appetizer happies.  #mymindisclearlyoverloaded

Since I did forget a one piece and all my bathing suit tops I am relying on my new swim shirts.  In late July in south Florida the sun can be brutal and having a sun shirt this morning was perfect on the beach.  I love that my chest is protected from the sun + when it gets wet it makes you feel cooler longer than you would be if you just exited the water to dry in your beach chair.  I call that a win, win since I was thinking I was the silliest person ever when I first realized my packing failure.  In addition, they are comfortable, fit like a regular long sleeve shirt, and they are really cute + monogrammed so you know I am major love.  Final bonus ... they are on sale (40% off with code STARFISH).

Stay tuned for my updated packing list and more sneaks from our trip.  If you have never visited the area I suggest you add it to your vacation list, Sarasota is truly beautiful and so charming.

Happy Saturday ... 

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