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Beautycounter Sale!!

Happy, happy Sunday to you!  I am not sure if I have posted on Sunday, other than a holiday, but today I need to post and let you know about the amazing Beautycounter sale happening.  In the past month I have grown to really love my BC products, so much so that I have started to throw away and replace more and more of the products I was previously using.  As I use them up, I am replacing them with safe products that I feel great about buying and wearing. 

This is the time to try out Beautycounter since they are currently having a 20% off sale.  From what I understand they never have a sale and this is a good one.  Since using these products my skin looks and feels so much better than it did at the beginning of the year when I started the skin journey.  I was not happy with how my skin looked and I didn't feel comfortable with my makeup.  I am now using less products, in some cases, and I have never felt more confident.  Confidence is always a good thing when it comes to things I am putting on our bodies.

For me I would break down my purchases in three categories ... skincare, hair + body, and makeup.  I will list out my favorites in each category.  Please know if I have listed it here I have purchased it and I am currently using each of these items. 

Skincare - 

I have fine tuned my skincare routine over a period of eight months and I love the results.  I am currently using quite a few products from the BC line and I highly recommend every single one of them to you.  To start my day I wash my face with this cleanser and then use this oil + this moisture lotion to prep my face for makeup.  What I love is that my skin feels so clean and so soft.  The oil has the most amazing smell (citrus) and I really try to give myself some time to let it soak in and some time for me to relax and enjoy the incredible orange smell.

At the end of the day I start cleaning my face with one of these wipes to remove all my makeup.  I have never used a wipe that smells as good as this one.  After I wash my face again and then go to sleep wearing this oil which smells of calming jasmine.  These oils are wonderful.  They are light, they work wonders and, of course, the smell.  I can't say it enough, they smell so good.

Hair + Body - 

I love this shampoo + this conditioner.  I bought both along with this body bar and immediately put them into the shower.  With my husband got sick I started thinking about every single thing he comes in contact with and, along with his food I have replaced the products he washes his hair and body with and I feel so much better.  Doing research I found that the shampoo he was using wasn't the best so right into the trash it went.  The body bar has a wonderful citrus scent and who doesn't like starting the day with the amazing smell of fresh citrus?

I also just ordered this body wash.  While he loves a bar of soap, I am way more of a body wash girl and since I love the smell of the bar I know I will love the body wash just as much.

Makeup - 

I know I have said it a lot, but I really love my makeup routine.  I love that it takes me hardly any time at all to get ready and I feel good with a fresh face.  After using the skincare routine above I start with the Dew Skin.  I love this product so much and I love that I don't have to worry about adding sunscreen to my face.  I have noticed I will be in the sun along with friends and they will be pink when we are done and my skin is protected from a burn.  I would not depend on it for a long period of sun, but for everyday use it is perfect. 

This concealer is my lifeline.  I tend to show exhaustion in my eyes and since I feel tired all the time right now I am living with this next to me.  The perfect mix of conceal + highlight in one pen, yes please.  I then add this cream blusher in Hibiscus.  I was not sure I would like a cream blusher but I was very wrong, I love it.  I fill in my eyebrows with this pencil, they are so pale, add this mascara and then lipstick and I am ready for the day.

It is really just that easy.  I know I am skipping eye shadow + eye liner and those I really only wear for evening.  I am a simple girl most days.

I give Beautycounter my full endorsement.  I am committed to using safe products for myself and my family.  If you have ever wanted to try it, or you need to stock up this sale is the perfect time.  I can not say it enough, 20% is a great sale.  Enter code LOVE at checkout.

If you have any questions, pop me an email!

Have the best day!

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