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On Saturdays We Brunch

Anyone else love brunch?  I love relaxing over a good, hot latte with amazing food and my sweet friends.  I was so happy to be able to host my friends Saturday morning for brunch.  My time has been limited as of late and I have wanted some serious time with a group of friends.  I have so many people that mean so much to me, from friends I have known almost 20 years and some I have known just a few months. I thought it was the perfect idea to gather them all together, share a yummy meal, and have a amazing time of fellowship.

For me there is something relaxing about the word brunch.  I think it sounds like a relaxing time, with no rush when you can truly enjoy breakfast food.  I love breakfast but most of the times I feel rushed and we are either rushing to school or something else and we never really get to relax over the morning meal.  When I have the opportunity to go out for breakfast or to attend brunch I always respond with a resounding YES.  What better way to see people who mean so much to me than to invite them for brunch?

I chose to host them at one of my favorite spots, Crazy Love Coffee.  Crazy Love is a fabulous place in downtown Roswell with amazing coffee, great atmosphere, and the yummiest waffles. They were so amazing with all of my requests, emails, questions, and details.  I can not recommend this coffee spot more.  I will tell you it is hopping, so when you visit plan accordingly.  They have both inside and outside seating and I will most definitely be sitting outside as soon as it isn't super hot. When we arrived at 10:30 to set up it was filled with so many fabulous faces enjoying coffee, waffles and each other and it made my heart happy to see people enjoying one of my go to spots.

I rented out the room on the first level, which is truly lovely and perfect for groups, and set up a table for 12 of us.  I took one of my favorite Pomegranate tablecloths, packed up some blue and white porcelain, candlesticks and my Creative Candles (I love candles), and put together a few flower arrangements.  All in all it took me less than 30 minutes to do flowers and pack up what I had pulled and about 20 minutes to unload the car when we arrived and set up.  Easy, peasy and I loved how it all looked when my friends arrived.

One of my favorite brands, Hazen & Co,  sent two beautiful pearl bracelets (one white + one grey) for each of my female guests.  I was so honored to share these with darling friends who have truly been my tribe this year.  Our journey is so far from over but I want them to understand what they mean to me and what their support means to my family.  Every single time they look down at their wrist I hope they remember how much I love and adore them.

We drank numerous cups of coffee, ate amazing waffle breakfast sandwiches, and snacked on the yummiest sweet waffles.  They have a variety of different kinds and I special ordered Pink Drizzle, Berry, Maple Bacon and Nutella Pecan to share.  They are all so good, but of course, I am partial to the pink one.

Those waffles are reminding me of how yummy they are, and now I am craving them!  Everyone loved every single bite, it was so good!

It was truly a lovely day, and I had the best time introducing old friends to newer friends and watching people who I had no idea were already friends connect.  These are people that mean so much to me and I love that we are bound together even tighter now.  I am truly so lucky to have such good friends.

It was definitely a perfect way to spend a Saturday and I am so thankful for the time we had together.  As your children grow it is harder to find the time to carve out for each other and I am so happy each of these people gave me some time I asked for so we could catch up and I could celebrate each of them.

My sweet Anna Grace and her darling mama, Susan

And the best part, each of them has a pair of Hazen bracelets to remember our special time.  I can't think of a better reminder!  ❤

Have the best Monday!

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