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Introducing Countercontrol

You know how much I believe in Beautycounter, I truly can not get enough of every single product they sell. I have completely immersed myself in the skin care, the makeup, and the sunscreen.  I am in the process of checking out both this incredible antiaging serum + this eye rescue cream and I will report back after I have used them for a while.  I hear so many amazing things about both products so I anticipate loving them, but I do want to test them out for myself before sharing results.

Today I am here to talk to you about my girl's skin.  Oh, the challenges of being a teenager.  She has struggled with her skin for a while and when I switched her to Beautycounter charcoal products I instantly saw a change in her skin.  What I noticed was how much shinier her skin was.  We worked for weeks with the charcoal soap + charcoal mask cleaning her skin and her pores of all the products I had given her before.  It looked amazing and I was thrilled for her. While it did not resolve all of her issues, and did not keep her breakouts at bay, it did make an improvement in her beautiful skin which made her feel so much better.  It is hard enough to be a teen, struggling with your skin just seems cruel to me.

Then I learned that Beautycounter was releasing a new acne skin care line, Countercontrol.  Safe skincare + acne remedy ... sign me up for sure. I love the tag line ... "take back control of your skin".  I did not suffer with acne as a child and don't struggle with any of those issues now but I know many who do and this sounds like the best news since someone told me I could skip the grocery store and have them delivered instead.  I am so excited to purchase the line for my girl and I can't wait to share this good news with any other teenager or person who suffers with skin issues I know that needs to know.  I can not tell you how much better I feel about handing my child something that is safe for her skin and does not cause extra issues with the added ingredients.

My assistant was given the opportunity to try Countercontrol for two weeks. She was a little weary to try it when she realized it was a lot of products.  She is a pretty simple girl (well, sometimes 😂) and it seemed to be a lot to her but she settled in quickly and could not say enough good things about it when she came over. I almost had to pry the products out of her hands when it was time to return them. Since she used it for two weeks I asked Anna Grace for her feedback and I absolutely love her reply ...

I was able to try out Beautycounter's new acne skin care line before it launched. I have never had a major issue with acne all over my face. I do have occasional flare ups on my chin, t-zone, and hairline. All of the spot treatments or 3 step routines were not keeping my flare ups away. When I heard Beautycounter was launching their 5 step routine I was skeptical at first because of the 5 step situation. I am a lazy girl when it comes to skincare and hair care (I never use heat on my hair even though people say I look good with it curled or straightened). And my makeup routine consists of brows (I use Beautycounter's pencil with the spoolie brush on the other end #yesplease), mascara, and under eye concealer. But all of this to say I was totally down to try the new skin care line out because I had heard Paige rave about their products. I was curious to see how much this routine would keep my flare ups away.

After using the products for two weeks I fell in love. The routine was not as bad and lengthy as I thought it would be. I will say they recommended the 5 step routine to be done twice a day, and I only did it once at night and my results were fabulous.  First of all, these products smell amazing. I would use the first step which was a pore cleanser in the shower to wash my face. Then when I got out of the shower I would finish the routine. The second step was a mattifying toner on a cotton pad. Third was an all over acne treatment in a pump which is my favorite kind of packaging! Fourth was an oil free moisturizer ... emphasis on the oil free when it comes to acne problems! Finally there was a spot treatment that I used whenever I had a flare up. The entire routine kept my acne away 90% of the time. I was having almost no flare ups but sometimes there would be a zit beginning to surface and I would spot treat it. It would be gone in less than 24 hours.

I would say most teens can relate to my busy schedule and lazy beauty-care tactics. The 5 step routine did almost scare me away, but I was genuinely surprised on how quick and simple the entire routine was. Whenever I had a flare up in high school, I never felt at my best (mentally and physically). When I had clear skin, I felt more beautiful. And I think I can speak for teens once again ... we all feel this way. Clear skin is a confidence booster and going through all different kinds of routines that didn't work was disappointing. I'm so excited I have found what works for me!

This amazing acne skin care line has received nothing but amazing reviews. I am thrilled to be able to share this information with you today, I can not think of a better match of healthy products + effective skin care.  I love that Beautycounter recommends this line for not only people struggling with their skin, but also for others with oily skin. In college my skin was really oily and I recall washing it so much, most likely only causing more issues since I was using who knows what to cleanse my skin. I would have loved this product line. If you need it for yourself or someone in your family ... buy it now.  If you know of someone who needs it, share this post.  If you are using another product line do your research and decide if all the extra unsafe ingredients are ok with you.  I highly recommend downloading an app ... EWG Healthy Living.  I use it almost every day to check products and food and I love the unbiased results it gives me.

I would recommend purchasing the products as a set if acne is an issue for you.  If it isn't and you want to purchase the products separately, here they are.  The five steps is composed of ... Clear Pore Cleanser + Instant Matte Toner + Matte Effect Gel Cream + All Over Acne Treatment + SOS Spot Treatment

If you have any questions about this product or any other Beautycounter product just pop me an email.  I am here to answer anything I can and always up for talking about products I truly love! This set of products will change your skin, putting you once more in control.  I can't say it enough, give these a try!

Have the best day lovies ...

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