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Mixing Prints 2.0

Two summers ago I was invited to speak at an event with my friend Emily McCarthy on Pattern Play ... Mixing It Up and would love to share this topic with you again. Colors and patterns make me so very happy and I love to mix them and wear them in different ways.  As of late I have been on a blue + white stripe kick and it is so fun to me to see some of my favorite pattern photos.  Clearly I need to find my game again, starting with some of my favorite patterned shorts I need to wear before the weather gets chilly again. I have the video of the event for you along with some tips on styling a coffee table and your bookcases.  At the end of the video I chat about styling clothes and mixing patterns + prints.

I have collected a bunch of my favorite outfit combinations over the past year for you today.  Clearly I am not afraid of color and the most patterns I can mix the better!  I am hoping to inspire you with your own colors + patterns.  If mixing patterns is something you like but have not done I highly recommend you watch the video above, I have some tips on how to get started.  I would definitely start with a stripe shirt you love and mix it with another pattern piece you like and see what you think.  For me I am always taking an outfit and just as I am walking out the door I seem to add in another pattern in the way of a scarf, accessory or even a bag.  The more patterns the happier I seem to be. 😍

Image by Kristen Hechler

(hand painted for me by my sweet friend Maria)

Happy Wednesday to you all ... add some extra pattern in your life today!

(I have linked all I could for you that is still available, so many things are no longer in stock)

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