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Introducing Tempie Jane

I am blown away by the youth today, they are so strong, so smart and so very talented. I can recall being in high school and being creative, but nothing to the level and most definitely not with the drive or the passion that I see in some of the people I meet.  One perfect example would be Savannah Turner.  At thirteen she turned a school project she loved into a career and now two years later owns a blossoming business. 

I am so excited to introduce you today to Tempie Jane.  I met Savannah via email when she reached out to introduce herself.  Her message caught my eye as I read it and noticed the amazing necklace she had attached to the email.  It was definitely one of a kind, so colorful and creative and with a touch of antique.  

I was immediately smitten

Savannah has always had a passion to create and loved to take something old and make it new, two things that she is able to do with her jewelry.  She designed her business with inspiration from her great-grandmother, Tempie Jane. As Savannah shared with me "everything from the periwinkle logo (her favorite color) to the hydrangea blossom (her favorite flower) is all inspired by her". I love that she is inspired by someone so special to her, I can relate so well to that kind of love and admiration.  After launching her business and having her first trunk show word spread of her designs and her business immediately took off.  

I would describe Savannah as poised, graceful and wise well beyond her years.  She has a strong entrepreneur spirit which will make her very successful, most definitely something she inherited from her family. I can not wait for the day we have the opportunity to meet in person, I am so inspired by her and absolutely love what she has created, all while not even old enough to drive a car. 

As you can immediately see in these images, her designs are incredible, each piece so original and so beautiful!  This is only a small sampling of her work available to shop on her website.  She creates necklaces, bracelets, and earrings and a beautiful collection of Dodie pieces named after her great grandfather, Tempie Jane's beloved husband.  You will love it all I promise you, I am still in awe of each piece she has shared with me. 


Don't you love them all?  I am not sure what I adore more, Savannah or her amazing designs!

You must check out her website and follow her on Instagram.  I will tell you this ... keep your eye on this amazing girl, she is most definitely one to watch. 

Happy Friday!

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