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12 Happies du Jour

Happy, happy Tuesday!  This week is already so much better than the last two and I can't be happier about it.  It was a rough two weeks of just the craziest stuff, which was not good at all. I couldn't get in front of the stress which was the worst feeling in the world but that has passed and I am breathing so much better.  I really had to take a few days and refocus my mind and find the joy.  It was not easy, the stress sometimes just piles on, but I made it through and I am so very happy to be on this side. So very thankful for a new week with some crazy behind me.  ❤

So, so much goodness today.  I can't wait to get to it, so let's not delay!

I spotted the news yesterday that one of my favorite artists is now contributing to another favorite of mine, Dixie Design Collective.  I am so excited for Evelyn Henson ... she is so talented and so kind and her work with Dixie Design will be so very amazing.  I can't wait to order something!

They also worked with Willa Heart to add her artwork to their group and her darling art is another of my favorites.  Clearly I will be ordering holiday invites from one of these amazing artists this year.

Yesterday when I stopped into Trader Joes I walked a few doors down to Pier One to see if they had any more gingham napkins and happen to grab the last four pack on clearance.  While I was there I spotted some great blue and white jars and vases that caught my eye.  I don't remember the last time I walked into Pier One but it was a nice quick errand that led to a great source for blue + white.  I call that a win, win.   I also snagged a few of these blue + white bowls.  We seem to always been short on bowls and I love how big they are.  They are perfect for pasta and soup!

Speaking of blue and white dishes ... Draper James just announced a collaboration with Crate & Barrel and I love the pieces so very much. I can't decide which pieces I love the most, I think it may be the salad plates and the runner.  So fabulous, right?

So I am two weeks into my switch to natural deodorant and I have nothing but great things to report.  I got so many messages about what to expect with rash and stains on my clothes and it has been nothing but smooth sailing.  I really love the brand and scent I am using and intend to keep using this one until something goes wrong.  I also read about this detox mask that you could use to help with the detox and I would highly recommend it.  As I mentioned before I am not much of a sweater so I have not had an issue switching.  Next up ... I will be getting it for my girl.  The more I read about the harmful issues with non natural ones the more freaked out I get.  Let's hope she has the same response I did and it is an easy transition for her.  

I was not aware that Queen Elizabeth was the master of the head scarf, but now that I know I can't stop thinking about it.  This summer Anna Grace and I talked about wearing them with the top down on her cute Bug and we failed to do so.  I need to find a place to wear a head scarf like this STAT, I can't get it out of my head.  

This sangria sounds amazing and I love that it can be made in a pitcher which means it is perfect for sharing with your friends.  Anyone want to pop over on Friday for a glass? 

"These amazing bangles are weightless, soundless, waterproof and TSA proof.  As you put them on, affirm your intentions in the morning, and when you remove them in the evening, fill yourself with thoughts of gratefulness. This daily ritual will settle your mind at the beginning and end of each day. AWB are made of flexible, polyvinyl carbonate rings that are filled with gold dust filament and sealed with our exclusive BuDhaGirl Serenity Prayer bead. This unique, non-metal material allows you to go from the pool, to the office, and through the airport all without needing to take them off."

I absolutely love these bracelets from my friend Emily's shop.  I love what they represent and how it will help you focus on what matters during the day.  I think I need to order some this week, the only question would be gold or rose gold? 

I am once again reading and I am loving it.  Any great books I should add to my list.  At the end of the month I will tell you what I read in September ... I am thrilled at how much I have accomplished this month so far!  📚

I noticed yesterday that some of the Sarah Bartholomew pieces are currently on sale.  I have been eyeing that dog bed + insert since it released and I think it would be perfect for my new office.  I also think the umbrella stand would be perfect to hold the rolls of wrapping paper that find their way into the corners of the office after I wrap a gift.  I have linked all the items including the sale items for you below.

Y'all know I am obsessed with my Tretorns and I am super excited to tell you I have found them in both navy and green.  My first pair were green/white and those may be my favorite combination.  They are currently part of a buy more/save more sale and I would recommend you get both combinations to get 15% off.  If you need more suggestions I also found them in gold/white and cream/leopard in leather.  If you haven't ever worn a pair of Tretorns I can tell you they are so comfortable and I do not love most tennis shoes.  These are basically the only tennis shoes I wear. 

J.Crew Merchantile is now on Amazon!!  How exciting is this??  I am so pumped ... and have a few favorites ready to purchase when I need them.  I really love these jeans and need to get them for fall.  I also am really excited about this shirt jacket ... I think it would be super cute over my summer t shirts with jeans and Tretorns.  The prices of the pieces are fabulous and getting them in two days with Prime shipping makes me very happy!!!

Beautycounter is having a fun gift with purchase for two days only and today is the last day which means the offer ends at midnight.  I truly can't say enough about this sunscreen.  I have been using it for a few months and we love it.  It really works and is chemical free and the travel size is perfect to pop into your purse for everyday use.  I recommend you snag asap!

What would I buy?  Well ... if I had to pick my favorites to purchase it would be one of three things.  Number One would be the Overnight Resurfacing Peel.  With so many (over 1000 five star) amazing reviews of this product it is a fabulous product to add to your skin care routine.  Number Two would be Dew Skin.  I love it and love that it adds SPF to my makeup routine.  Lastly ... I would order a combination of this moisturizer + this oil for daily wear.  I love them mixed together and added to my face right after I wash my face.

I am completely enamored with McKenzie's closet redo and it has me wanting to finally get inside my own.  Twice a year I pull out what doesn't seem to be working but I have never pulled every single thing out and started from scratch and I think I need to.  I can literally hear Anna Grace's voice all the way from Virginia as she begged me to do it this summer and I wasn't ready.  Maybe in a few weeks ... we shall see!  It is a huge project and I know I will be so happy I did it, but the work would take forever!  I need to think on it a little more!  

Y'all have the best day ... the sun is shining here and it is gorgeous.  I hope you have the same weather where you are!!

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