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Summer Items I Wore Time + Time Again

Since summer is my favorite season I am sad to see it go, but I always am sad to move on from the late sunsets and the quiet evenings. A few weeks into fall and I will be ready to enjoy the crisp mornings and evenings on the porch with a light blanket, but for now I am now quite ready to push the button on all things fall.  Since brown and grey are not my favorite colors I always struggle in this area and tend to stick to blue stripes and plaid to keep the color in my wardrobe and in our house.  After a number of years struggling to decorate for fall successfully I finally gave up and just embraced that it just wasn't me.  💙

I bought some really fun things over the summer months that I loved and wore on major repeat.  It was a hot one, and still is pretty warm in Atlanta, so I get to sport my sandals, favorite shorts and t shirts a bit longer.  Since it takes a while to get really chilly here I will trade out short sleeve + shorts combo and either wear light sweater + shorts or short sleeve + jeans.  It will take me a long while to sport the thick sweater + pant combo, it will have to be super cold before I embrace it.  I am stubborn this way, and my Florida roots just are adverse to a full on late fall/winter look too soon. 

So back to what I purchased that I really loved ... oh, there are so many and they all make me smile.

First up dresses ... I wear a ton of August Morgan dresses and I love each and every one I own.  They fit perfectly and they go with everything.  They are girly, yet traditional and classic all day long.  I can't recommend them enough!!!

Next up shorts ... I bought about six pairs and I wear three of them on a regular basis.  I told you about my love for this pair and in addition I love this pair (in navy) and this pair here.  I didn't wear my usual Lilly Pulitzer pairs this summer and I am sad, I don't know what happened, but when I would pull them out more often than not I wasn't in the mood.  I need to fix that in the next week or so and wear a week of them.  We need more time together.  Since the first day of fall is officially this Friday I will add in a tunic and call it a win.

Shoes ... oh how I love shoes.  I bought a bunch of good ones this summer and I am living in them!  I won't be trading them out for a while.  It is what it is on this one, I wear summer shoes as long as I can and always have.  Hands down I wore this pair of sandals the most along with these Tretorns.  There were weeks I didn't even put them away as it was silly to do so.

Jeans ... I bought two good white pairs in the early spring and lived in them all spring + summer. I also have two denim pairs I bought in the spring that I am pulling out once again so I added them in though they are not seeing as much love as the white ones at the moment.  Their time is coming very soon ...

Tops ... I can't leave those out, I mean going topless is not desirable at all!  😂 I seem to gravitate to the same kind recently and I think that is totally fine with me.  I love this top and have it in so many different colors, I think maybe all the ones it comes in.  I also love this top and just bought it again in another color.  I currently own the navy + blush, but that pale blue is so pretty. It is perfect for a night out with shorts and will be perfect with jeans for the next season.  I also bought a number of fun vintage style tees this summer and really loved them.  I think I wore my Summer Friday t shirt every single Friday and might just wear it again this one.  I mean, why not??  The week that Lawyer's doctor said the word Cancer I immediately bought the Team Optimist t shirt and wear it every single time I need a little boost.  We all need some extra joy and it was just what I needed that week. The t shirts I mentioned are now all on sale ... so grab a few, they are so fun to wear. 

So ... since it is officially coming up on fall and I can't put it off much longer I will have to look at fall clothes soon.  But not today and not this week.  I am wearing summer as long as I can and loving every second of it.  

Happy Monday!

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