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Monogram Place Cards

When I was getting ready to host brunch for my friends last month I realized I didn't own any place cards.  I was sure I had at least one set somewhere in the house and after looking in every single nook and cranny I could have stashed them I had to settle on the fact that I was not in possession of any place cards.  After checking my local paper store I was sad to learn place cards are something they don't stock. How could they have 18,000 different silly napkins and not one place card pack could be find.  I ended up locating some at Michael's but honestly they were not what I was looking for and I was not happy with the way they looked on the table.  I vowed to make a purchase of some as soon as the event was over so I would not be left short next time. 

I called my monogram go to and immediately learned I could order the perfect place card in any color combination I was looking to own.  How had I missed this little detail before?  Of course Emily was the go to for all things classic + monogrammed ... I had just failed to order them previously.  But a few minutes later and some pretty easy decisions I had ordered two sets, one navy + white monogram and a pale pink + gold monogram.  The best thing about ordering from Emily is that anything I order can be made with my custom couture monogram.  

Perfect, right?

I am so inspired by these tables set by the best ... Charlotte Moss, Danielle Rollins, Carolyne Roehm, Kimberly Whitman with Leontine Linens, custom stunning place cards and the most beautiful flowers. My tables will never be so glamorous and I love to peruse each of them for incredible inspiration.

Am I right ... inspiration for days and days!

I can't wait to use my new place cards ... I don't know what would be more fun, adding them to a large cheese tray for markers or a seated dinner party.  I may have to host both just to see!  🍸

Have the best Thursday!

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