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Classic Design Channel

In the time of the "new thing" and "what's in style" I always seem to find myself gravitating to what I love.  I am not the person to jump on a trend, but prefer a style that is more me, and more timeless and something I will love year after year instead of something I will love just for a season or two. If I really like something I can dabble in it with a small accessory or a shirt or pant that is moderately priced so I will not be sad when the love has passed. I find the same to be true in the designers I love.  I am drawn more to those who produce work that I find more timeless and classic versus a trendy room with minimalist tendencies and clean lines.  Give me an antique chest any day with a blue and white lamp and more silver frames filled with photos than you can count.  Chintz + Gingham + Brass + Wallpaper .. all day long and send them all this way if you please.

Holly Holden is one of my favorite designers as her style is very classic and traditional and her work transcends time.  She is a woman with established style both in her clothes, her work and her gift for entertaining. Every single thing she produces makes me smile and want to take in every single detail.  .  I had the pleasure of meeting Holly when she emailed to introduce herself to me. She lovingly sent me a copy of her book, The Pretty and Proper Living Room, and I was smitten from the moment I spotted the pink cover.  Each page was better than the last and I have truly enjoyed reading her book and displaying it with others I adore.  

Her about statement describes her perfectly, I am sure we would be fabulous neighbors and friends if I was lucky enough to be her neighbor.  

Holly Holden is on a mission: to teach others about the touches that make an interior elegant, comfortable, timeless, yet unpretentious. She instinctively knows how to crack the secret code of old-school interior design. Holly’s design talent was inherited from her parents; she never attended design school. Her British father gave his tailored sensibilities, and her mother gave her a flair for entertaining.

I was so excited to learn I could visit with Holly on You Tube, Classic Design Channel as she posts quite frequently sharing amazing classic design and tips to achieve this timeless and age tested look.  She is just darling as she teaches about her love for the color pink, horses, Jack Russel Terriers, British sporting art, antiques, historic houses, and classic design.  With a background in interior design and hosting a public television show she is a natural in front of the camera.  I have watched many of her episodes and can tell you they are fabulous and worth every single second.  It is a rabbit hole you will be thrilled you ventured down. 

On the channel you will find so many great episodes ... Behind the Scenes of the Emmys, The Joys of Smthyson Stationery, The elegance of Belgian Shoes and one of my favorites about the fabulous and exclusive brand Goyard. 

Recently her daughter in law, Karen Holden, has joined her and they are sharing their combined expertise in design, entertaining, timeless fashion, antiquing, and travel.  Their episode on scarves taught me at least three new ways to wear my beloved vintage scarves.  Going into the fall when the weather is still super warm in Atlanta I am thrilled to be using my scarves for the chillier evenings and to add some extra color to my outfits.  

I know you will love Holly and her amazing channel as much as I have and I encourage you to check it out.  She is fabulous and so fascinating and I love any sneak peek she shares of her amazing home Fox Hall in Farmington, Connecticut.  She most definitely has a gift for what she does and I am more than happy to follow along!  

Happy Monday!

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