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12 Happies du Jour

I am obsessed with this whole outfit above.  I have been bucking the idea of fall coming but now that we are in October I can not push the idea off any longer.  I love the top and I love the shoes so very much.  They are comfortable and, oh so sassy!  I recommend you get the whole thing ASAP.

The happiest of Tuesdays to you!!  I have so many fun things for you today, and since I missed last Tuesday, I have way more than 12.  I will call that a bonus for both of us, as there are so many fabulous things to share! 

First of all, Shopbop is up to 40% off anything on sale.  Can you say ... run right over and check it out?  I love Shopbop but I do wait for some of my favorites to go on sale ... a girl has to be frugal when choosing her staples.  I love to snag something perfect on sale ... anyone else?? Two of my favorite pairs of shoes are included in the sale ... this pair of Soludus and this pair of Tretorns!

I immediately ordered these sprinkles after the announcement of their release last week.  First of all I adore Emily McCarthy + Libbie Summers, and any way I can add more Joy into my life I intend to in buckets.  Or in this case, small containers of sprinkles.

These hurricanes are back in stock, I have one on my porch and a smaller one in the kitchen.  They are perfect for flowers and florals all year long.

I spotted these bamboo drapery rings a few weeks ago and last week I pulled the plug and ordered them.  When we did our kitchen a few years ago I ordered this rod and hardware but I forgot to order rings.  I used simple gold rings I ordered from Amazon since I was on a tight deadline but they have bothered me ever since.  Now the new brass bamboo rings are bringing a smile to my face and crossing a big "need to finish" off my list!

I get a lot of questions about coffee table books I love, especially ones with a Palm Beach vibe.  There are so many good ones, but the ones I read the most I have linked below.  They made a great stack, or two, if you need a great suggestion for a guest room.  Who doesn't want to curl up in a comfy bed and read about all things Palm Beach?

Also if you need a little more beachy or coastal feel for your guest room, check out these products.  You can add this basket for soaps, matches, or shells.  Who wouldn't be obsessed with this piece, it is also perfect for your porch. Adding in this tray + this hurricane for flowers will add just the last piece you need!

Since I am beginning to think in fall mode, it is time to talk about my favorite fall thing, plaids.  I traded out my Louie for my favorite plaid bag and I switched my eyeglass case to my plaid one.  I think I should also order this keyring wallet in plaid, what do you think?  My go to for all kinds of plaid bags is hands down this company!

Oh, and those glasses you guys all love, they are from Eyebobs.

And while we are talking about plaid.  Sign me up for these plaid sandals immediately.  Do not pass go, do not hesitate.  These are a MUST!

Anyone else love a cap toe shoe?  I am loving that they are seeing such a large presence right now as this classic has been largely overlooked recently. These shoes linked below are incredible, each one of them more amazing than the last pair.

Speaking of shoes.  I am completely one hundred percent obsessed with these shoes.  They are currently 20% off and if there were ever shoes made for me these would be them!

My favorite pajamas now come with a monogram?  Seriously, sign me up immediately! You can add a monogram to the three styles below and the classic monogram can be made of one of 11 colors custom matched for each style. This is all sorts of goodness!

Anyone else dying to see Gwyneth Paltrow's wedding dress??  I have always loved her style and I can not wait to see what she chose for her big day.

My girl and I love these sunnies!  They are so cute and the sayings are fabulous.  I think you should check them out, and grab a pair for you and a pair for a dear one in your life.  They come in pink, white, and black.

Here are 18 classic fall movies for you to add to your fall bucket list.  I would highly recommend adding Hocus Pocus to that list.  It is such a fun movie, especially for a family movie night. 

Thanksgiving Flamingos ... I don't hate it!!

I love this article on the most beautiful towns in every state.  For us it is Senoia and I have to admit I had to google its location, and found it is 35 miles south of Atlanta.  I have never been there, but I need to remedy that fact sooner rather than later.

When I read this article about the Town & Country Preppy Awards I learned that Jack Rogers were born in the early 1960's when Jackie Kennedy asked for a pair of shoes from a Palm Beach cobbler similar to a style she had seen in Capri.  For me this makes them even more special then I already thought they were.

Speaking of preppy ... I love these two prints I added to our porch.  Willa Heart always creates the most amazing art and I thought these were perfect for our blue and white porch. She created these as part of a series for Skinny Dip Nantucket and I was lucky when she gifted them to me.

Some recommendations for fall ... 

This darling coffee mug. 🎃

This amazing door mat.  👢

This sweatshirt. 🍁

This coffee.

Have the best day ... I hope your day has a bit of crisp in the air!

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