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My Favorite Items For Our Home Vol. 1

Today I am talking all about my favorite things in our home.  I know that sounds like a super long post, which it could be, but I am breaking it down into six categories to keep it realistic.  There are so many things I love about our home, but there are a few select repeat things that I feel we have that make it the cozy place meant for us.  The list I made was longer than just one post, so I am breaking it up into two posts.  I have one for this week and one for next.  I love these posts and I hope you will too.  

First up ... blue + white

Every single room in our house contains blue + white porcelain and most rooms include and blue + white lamp.  I am so drawn to blue and white porcelain and I like the classic and traditional element it gives to my often crazy choice of colors and patterns.  Blue and white is an investment you can not go wrong with, it will always be in style.  I am sure my kids will be fighting over my collection one day (one would hope) as it will be something I keep forever.  I get a lot of questions as to where I find my pieces and the answer is really, all over the place. Some from the sources below and some from antique stores and sales.  I have pulled a really good variety for you and the good thing ... you don't have to head to a store hoping you will find a piece you love and can afford.  #win

Next up ... rugs 

Who doesn't love a good rug?  You can warm up a space, break up boring carpet, add another element of pattern or balance a space, a rug really has so many possibilities. Every single time I post a photo of our house, or a vignette that includes a rug someone asks me about them.  I think a rug is something you can easily add to a space to change the feel almost immediately.  I have a few sources for you (for the rugs we own) which I have added above, but also a few places I look for rugs when I need them. Currently I am hunting a good one for our kitchen.  I need to break up all the wood on the floor with something warmer. 

If you need some help buying a rug I would hands down recommend you call Lance at Woven In Vintage.  He has amazing rugs, a huge selection, and could not be kinder.  He helped me choose a rug for our house and I just adore him.  He can help you choose the size, color, and even find one for you.  You will adore him.  

Next on the list ... pillows 

I love pillows.  I love them so much I buy way too many and then have extras I can trade out for the seasons.  You can change the look of your sofa or bed completely by changing out your pillows.  Most of the time I buy fabric and have pillows made but there are two sources I love for stunning pillows and I would highly recommend for you. I have even linked pillows below from their shops ... each of which I would buy immediately for myself!  First of all check out Wheaton Whaley Designs and next you must shop from Arianna Belle.  I own pillows from both and have a short list of must haves from both.  You can either shop their current stock or have something made custom.  Their work is impeccable and I highly recommend both of them.

And how could I not mention ... books!

I have so many books.  I can recall a few years ago when I decided I wanted to begin a coffee table book collection.  I had quite a few Bunny Williams and a number on the Kennedys, the Royals, and some about Palm Beach, but I really didn't have what I would consider to be a collection.  I can say know with books in so many rooms of our house, I have a legit collection growing.  And ... I love it so much.  I love to see someone stay over and pick up a book and starting flipping through it and I also really love to read them over and over again when I am looking for inspiration.  I can say without hesitation I have looked at every single book I have added to our collection.  I have to do it right when I get them or it never happens.  Just like this book I bought last week, they first go on to the stool next to my bed and when I have looked at every single page and read everything I wanted to, then it can go into a stack with its friends.

I have linked so many of my favorites, but this doesn't even come close to all of them I love.  It seems like a good book is being released all the time.  Just last week I snagged two new ones and I am sure before the end of October I will have one or two more!

Stay tuned for part two next week ... I am talking about art work (new and antique), stools and my addiction to candles!  

Happy Wednesday!

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