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Friend Filled Weekend

Happy Monday!  I hope you are staring at the same sunny, blue skies I am this morning from my den.  I am a little sleepy today and fighting off something (bad cough + some nausea) so I am hanging out at home today with some fabulous couch time and some Murphy snuggles.  It was an amazing weekend beginning with a wonderful afternoon + evening in Columbia on Thursday and then some fabulous girlfriend time with my friend Maria.  Honestly, it was just the adventure + friend time I needed! 💓

The last five months have been hard (as I have spoken of so much) and it is a daily focus to make the most of the lessons we are learning, the blessings that are poured on us, and the beauty of each and every day.  Losing Miles two weeks ago today was a sucker punch to the gut and I have been quite lonely since he left us.  I really had no idea of how much of an emotional support he was.  He was my first true pet and 15 years of love and companionship was everything.  My darling friend Maria asked a few weeks ago if she could come for the weekend and the timing was amazing. We giggled, we ate all the yummy food, we shopped, we antiqued, we went for a perfect walk, and we soaked up some quality time.  It was just what this girl needed.

She arrived Friday afternoon and we caught up before heading out for a yummy dinner.  If you find yourself in Marietta you must check out any of Doug Turbush's restaurants.  We dined at Drift and enjoyed every single bite. I highly recommend the oysters + crab fried rice + hot crab dip.  Every single bit was better than the last. 

Saturday morning we got up early and headed to Greenville and shopped the amazing sidewalk sale at Rock House Antiques. It was so very good and after three trips around the outside of the building and two trips around the inside we both scored such good stuff. I snagged a fabulous Nantucket Lightship Basket bag + 2 stunning antique plates (for the guest room wall) + a pair of beautiful antique cups and saucers (for my office) and a darling card table and 4 chairs. I can not wait to get a fresh coat of paint on the chairs and move it into the den.  Cue all the puzzles, card games, and board games on repeat please and thank you! I could have snagged so much more, the selection was so good.  Rock House is a wonderful antique shop with such great vendors.  I highly recommend you stop in if you are in the area or happen to find yourself in Greenville. 

I am trying to decide if I keep the yellow on the chairs or if I trade it out for a fun fabric ... what are your thoughts?  Maybe a fun plaid?? I will add it to all the other things I have on my to do list for the week.  I am hoping to get some house stuff finished before the holiday decorating starts in just a few weeks.  Anyone else thinking this year is flying by at breakneck speed??  #yikes

Hope your day is fabulous!  Adore you all!  💓

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