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12 Happies du Jour

Happy Halloween Eve ... I can't believe it is Halloween week,  For our neighborhood it is a big week, with lots of decorations, lots and lots of candy, and a full evening of celebrating the night of Halloween.  This year we are hosting the kids and it will most definitely be a night of fun, giggles, candy, and photos galore.  Stay tuned for sure!

We started the week with a movie night, some yummy soup, and nibbling on the amazing treats from Sugarfina above.  I love candy and yummy candy to boot and the treats sent to us from Sugarfina were so fun and absolutely perfect for this week.  Luckily for me the kids let me snag all the pumpkin gummies, they were my favorite. 🎃

It's Tuesday, and I have some fabulous happies to share with you ... 

I spotted this amazing room on one of my favorite blogs when I was catching up the other day and this post was one The Glam Pad recommended I read.  This incredible vision of pink + green is the work of the late Mario Buatta and as always ... it is incredible!  If you are not currently reading The Glam Pad you should be, it is the best and Andrea produces an amazing read.

I found the cutest plaid shoes, and with the price you need to snag them quickly!!

Speaking of shoes, you know I love my Tretorns and these remind me of the perfect mix of all the things I love about these comfortable shoes + fall.  I think they may be the perfect idea for the season.

As we both know I am a major tortoise addict, lately it has been a mad addiction over tortoise earrings.  I snagged this pair from RTR and I couldn't send them back.  I have a great round up for you to check out, each of the ones below are such a great option.

The old school Kate Spade style Frances Valentine bag is back in stock.  You can choose from navy, black, red and green.  How does anyone choose?  (Navy for me!)

Lawyer texted me a photo of this shirt last week and I might have squealed. He knows how much I love Hallmark Christmas movies and this shirt might make watching them even better!!  I also really like this one.  Anyone else a major fan??

I have been trying out new lipstick colors for fall and one of the ones I keep going back to one color (Boardwalk) which is available as a set of 2 colors in this holiday lipstick set.  It fabulous and seems so unlike me, but I love the bold nude tone and I love that I feel like it might be the perfect break from my go to pinks and oranges. I really like this set too, it is perfect for testing out colors for the holiday season, and the size is ideal for all those darling holiday clutches.

We don't have plans for a Halloween costume this year as a couple but I couldn't help add in this article with some amazing ideas.  I love them all, especially Lucy & Ricky.  How fun would that be??

I have loved my new Barrington bag since it showed up last week.  Barrington bags are so fabulous, so easy to design, and filled with perfect pockets inside to keep you organized.  They also make the best luggage, you must check it out.  I have linked all my favorites below.  They make great gifts for all!

Hurry and place your orders for monogram swizzle sticks ... the buy one get one sale ends tomorrow and these are not only darling for you, but perfect for the upcoming holiday gift season!

This blog post was the most popular of the last six months, it makes my heart so happy that you are all with us in this journey.  Thank you for being friends, followers, readers, and vigilent prayer warriors on our behalf. 

Happy Tuesday!  💓

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