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Holiday Beauty

The holidays arrived early this year ... well, they did for beauty anyway.  A few weeks ago an enormous box of Beautycounter arrived and I literally squealed.  I am so excited to be venturing into safe beauty and skincare and most definitely during the holidays and gifting season.  When I finally opened the enormous box of happy a few days later I could not believe all the wonderful goodness inside.  Beautycounter released 19 limited edition gift sets for holiday ... and when they are sold out they are gone.  There are so many amazing pieces in each set, some of them are brand new and exclusive to holiday, and when I tell you they are so good, I am not even kidding.  Each of the darling white and red boxes has gotten me in the mood to think about the coming holidays, all the lovely events that could be happening and all the wonderful gifts I have the opportunity to give to those I adore.  💓

Since there are so many wonderful sets I am going to break down for you into those I love the most and will be buying for myself and others.  To shop them all you can peruse here ... and take your time, they are soo good!

My very favorite thing about using and buying Beautycounter is the fact that it is not only clean and safe but it is also the best line I have ever used.  Every single time I use the products I remember why I love them.  Luxury products that are safe and extremely effective.    That means what I choose to spend my money on is something I can fully believe in, and this could not make happier. It also makes me very happy to share all of these products with you, and today is the best!

So here we go ... 

Like I said before ... you should check out each of the gift sets here, but I am going to tell you my favorites and why I love each.  I will also share how I plan to use them and what I plan to use as gifts for family and best friends.  

My favorite gift set of them all is a toss up between the Mini Oils set and the First Light Highlighter palette. I have told you about my love for the oil collection since day one of using Beautycounter.  I truly love them and they are my most favorite products hands down.  The mini oil set is perfect for travel and allows me to have a set that I can keep in my travel bag ready to go.  I also don't need to worry about forgetting them when I travel which would make me so very sad.  At the end of a long day I can't tell you how happy I am to begin my nightly routine.  The smells and the way they make my skin feel can't be replaced. 

The Highlighters are fabulous.  I love how a highlighter makes my makeup skills look so much better than they are.  I love the glow they give my skin and I love how it takes just a swipe all over my face to give it a perk.  I highly recommend using highlighters and this set is perfect to get you started!

The Transforming Duo was the first box I opened.  I was dying to try the sheer customized pink on my lips.  I love pink and I think I am pretty good at choosing a pink for me but this was such a fun experiment.  I have used this sheer pink every single day since it arrived.  This is a perfect gift for a girlfriend.  What a perfect happy for a bestie, a little pick me up for any day, and the perfect treat for yourself.  I can tell you that the past few days when I have felt so very blue the little pink on my lip has most definitely made it just a little better!

If you are new to BC I highly recommend you try this kit, the Best of Beautycounter.  The items inside are the best of the best, those that have a true cult following and the ones you will fall in love with immediately.  If I could show up and deliver a little gift box of the products you should try first, it would be these.  What a perfect set and the best gift you could give yourself or your very best friend!

This cleansing balm is rumored to be the cream of all creams. and I think the holiday season (which also happens to dry out our skin) is the perfect time to give it a whirl.  The holidays are so busy and we rush around so much and since the air is already drier and we don't always drink enough water and a hydrating mask sounds like the perfect solution.  Well, that and more water! 

Anyone else love lipstick??  A great color for your lips can transform any day and I love to keep a collection of a few great colors I love.  This collection is so fun and includes a variety of amazing colors. I highly recommend the Lipstick Vault ... 8 amazing shades for less than $10 each.  What a perfect little happy!!

And last, but certainly not least, I love this set.  I have learned in the last year that life can be very hard. Treating yourself to some amazing self care can make the hard days so much better.  I love curling up after a long day with a pair of comfy jams and washing my face, adding a mask, and going to bed feeling like a fresh face will bring a much better day.  This Instant Awakening Trio is a fabulous set and I highly recommend it for everyone!!

Make sure you check out these gift sets ASAP, they are limited edition and when they sell out they are gone for good.  If you have any questions, please pop me an email and we can chat further.  And if you ever wish to join our team and join me in selling luxury products you can stand behind I am up for chatting. 

Have the best day!!

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