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Customize Your Crest

I think I have mentioned a few times my love for Lettermade napkins.  I met Malia a few years ago and since then I have slowly but surely managed to collect a few of her designs to add to my ever growing linen collection.  Lettermade is just a step above.  Her designs are original, the napkins are perfection, and the stitching and colors are always spot on.  I love using her pieces ... they just make a table and cocktail hour a little fancier.  I have watched as she has grown and grown and yet still stayed true to her original commitment to her work, which makes me even more proud to own and use her products.  And a bonus ... she lives in Winter Park, Florida which means my adoration for her runs deep.

Enter her darling friend Kara who is equally talented in the business and also from Winter Park.  Kara McKean is an watercolor artist and illustrator who creates beautiful designs and custom pieces.  I discovered her last year when the two paired up during the holidays at a pop up shop.  I was instantly filled with FOMO as I knew everything they were selling would be a favorite of mine, and it was. Kara created one of a kind painted ornaments, adorable wrapping paper, and the cutest note cards.  I was so sad to skip and I vowed instantly to not miss out on their next pairing as I knew it would again be something fabulous.

That time has come and I am so excited to share it with you.  Malia + Kara have paired up again at one of my favorite shops for a wonderful afternoon of art, custom embroidery, and the perfect pairing of girl power.  Let's be honest ... any time you have businesses I love and support and a monogram you are sure to find me near by.  I was not able to attend tomorrow's event in person but the lovely girls at The Grove let me shop early so I am currently enjoying my picks ahead of schedule.

During the pop up event at The Grove you chose your crest from a selection of four.  Once you chose your crest you then you get to choose what you would like it on ... cocktail napkins, art, and note cards.  Isn't that fabulous?

I flipped my decision a few times but finally landed on the Topiary Crest.  I wanted something that felt different from other embroidery designs I have chosen, but was also still very me.  The topiaries on the side in the blue and white pots look just like the ones we have on the porch and the pagoda in the middle reminds me of my mirror in the guest bath.  When the pieces arrived I was thrilled ... they are so very us.  I used my napkins the first day with my honey almond latte (recipe coming next week) and then with Lawyer last night when we finally decided the best place to hang the darling art.

To order your own you can shop online with the links here ... or you can pop into The Grove tomorrow if you are in the area.  If you have questions and need more assistance, please give the girls at The Grove a call.  They are so helpful and helped me so much with questions I had about colors etc.  While I was gathering links for the crests I marked a bunch of things I love and I added them below.  I love to pop into The Grove when I am in town, they have such cute things and catching up with Amanda + Meredith is always a plus!

Don't do what I did last year and miss out on this darling collaboration.  I definitely want to save you from the year of missing out like I did.  This pairing is not to be missed! 

Happy Friday!

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