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Monday Blues

Top || Sweater || Jeans || Sunnies (similar)

I have said it before, and I will say it again ... Mondays are not my favorite day of the week.  I think it is all mental for me, if it is going to go wrong it will go wrong on Monday.  After two days of much lazier mornings it is hard for me to hit the ground running at 6:00 am on Monday morning.  I am positive it is all in my mind and how I approach it so I have some tips that are working for me to tackle Mondays with a more positive outlook.

First of all ... wear a cute outfit.  I am dying for the weather to cool off just maybe ten degrees. For some reason it has been hotter here in Atlanta then it was a month ago.  How is that even possible?  Last week I ran into my favorite local boutique and snagged a few new pieces, two of which I am wearing today.  And let me profess that those bird earrings will make any day a smidge brighter, they are fabulous!!  I am a girl that believes you dress for the season, not the weather, so the air in my car will be cranked up today when it warms up, and until then I will enjoy the cooler morning with my cute sweater!!

Do something that makes you feel good.  I love a tidy house so for me organizing the house from the weekend chaos makes me feel so good about the week.  It does not matter that I have hooks for bags and baskets for clothes and shoes, I will still end up with more than one pile they have left that needs to be managed.  If I take an hour or so and tidy up I am in such a better head space for the day.  This morning I spy like 6 pairs of shoes that are lingering out, more than pile of clothes that needs to end up in someones room to be put away, and two partial 12 packs of Le Croix just sitting out waiting to be managed.  And that folks is just from where I am sitting at the moment.  When the straightening is complete I will head to the market for snacks for the week and flowers for the house.  I consider that a major treat for me to be able to add flowers to my favorite spots in my newly tidied home.

Play your favorite music. I am working on a Monday playlist which I will share when it is done.  I am talking moving and grooving music.  Something that inspires you to get going ... and adds some pep to your stops.  Oh, and I am pretty sure those statements sound totally lame, but I don't think I care one single bit. ✌

Sunnies  || Honey Almond Latte (Nordstrom)

Do something you love to do.  Make plans to meet your best friend for lunch.  Treat yourself to a fun coffee.  Take your car to get it washed.  Head to your favorite store and try on all the new shoes.  Schedule a mani/pedi.  Start a new book. Sit on the porch in the morning and drink extra cups of coffee while writing your blog post.  (This is exactly what I am doing at the moment and I am loving every second of it!) Do something you love to do that makes you excited about the day!! 

Remember its just another day of the week and honestly that doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things.  This statement is completely for my own head.  Anyone else struggle with giving power to something they shouldn't?  For me its like trying to have one foot in faith and one foot in fear.  I can't do both and that is so silly that I would even try.  Yes, Mondays bug me, but why really??  Why do I love Tuesdays and Fridays and loathe Monday?  I think its all a head game for me, and I need to make the decision to stop that right now.  Or at least, try to change my thought process so that I can stop feeling the way I do.  I can't be the only one ... right??

Have the best Monday ... I know I am doing my darnedest to have the same!!

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