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All The Navy

About a year ago I was looking through photos from our summer.  I stopped on one photo and was really pleased with how my skin looked and the picture just looked great, as in one of the best photos of me and it was just a selfie.  I didn't think much of it until a few months later I was reading a blog post from Mackenzie Horan and she mentioned something about navy being a good color for her coloring and her hair.  I went back to the photograph of me and every other one I had of me in navy.  That was it, I was wearing a navy gingham button down and I was also wearing navy in almost every other photo of myself I considered great ones.  Navy ... it was a good color for me and right then and there I decided I would wear a whole lot more of it.

Fast forward six months and my love of navy has not diminished at all.  I have worn all the blue, blue + white, and navy I can get my hands on.  My love for pink has not diminished one single bit but my love affair for wearing blue and navy has seen a major increase.  It most definitely looks better on me than I was aware of, and I could not be more thrilled.  The outfit in this post is one of my favorites and is currently on major repeat.  I am still using my woven bags (more on this coming soon) and my new favorite pairing of bracelets is the one in the image above, this bangle + this navy bracelet.  One of my favorite woven bags, seen above, is this one.  I love the large navy bow and the shell reminds me that the feeling of summer is never gone!

What accessories do you pair with navy?  Well, that is the best part.  Since navy is a neutral you can pair it with almost anything.  Pink, green, tortoise, black, brown, orange, red, and most definitely more blue.  I just purchased two pairs of shoes that you most definitely need to check out ... these amazing plaid sandals and the stunning heels pictured above.

I have rounded up all my favorite navy pieces for you currently for sale ... there are so many good things in this round up.  If I had to choose my favorites it would probably be this sweater and this stunning top.  There are both basics and yet have something extra that is just fabulous!

Do you have a color that you know you wear well?  If only I had known earlier that navy was one of mine I might have a whole closet of just navy!!  💙

Happy Saturday!

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