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Tablescapes In Columbia

It's Monday and a brand new week and I am tackling it with a BAM.  Last week was so hard but I am hoping this week is and feels so much better!!  The weather is a major plus as it feels very much fall like in Atlanta this week which makes this girl happy to be able to pull out a few favorite sweaters and to snuggle up in the evenings on the porch.  So far I give this week a solid 8/10.  💥

I have a lot going on this week and probably the first fabulous thing I am doing this week would be my trip to Columbia on Thursday!  I am headed to my favorite signature Lilly store to teach about tables, tablescapes, and all things table related.  This means I will be setting tables, showing you how to mix china, showing you why I don't love the classic theme tables, and most of all why I love to add unusual elements to tables to make them my own.  I am really very excited and I have already started pulling and packing and I know it will be so much fun. 

I really believe that you should set your table with the things you love and that way it just works.  I don't subscribe to any rules really, and I am ok with that.  It is my table, so it should be something I love that starts the dinner or party.  I love to mix china, pick unusual colors for events and to just really make it 100 percent my own.

For the last few years I have mixed blue and green for the fall months and this year I think I am going to mix orange, pink, and blue.  I see our fall table with orange pumpkins, blue china and pink linens and I can't wait to set it. 

Clearly pink and green show up a lot in my tables, but when you love it and own it you should use it.  Don't you agree?

I hope you can join me at Pink Sorbet for the evening.  It will be so much fun and I am super excited to teach and to love on you all.  If you are in the area, you can book a seat by contacting Pink Sorbet directly or by using this link. The cost of the evening is free, but of course, we want to plan for you. The girls at the shop are simply precious and oh so fabulous and I know we will have the best time!!

Here's to an amazing week and all the fall feels.  Love to you all ...

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