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Gift Giving With Beautycounter

In keeping with my "all shopping done by December 1" I have had to stay on top of my long list.  This week I ordered all my monogram gifts I needed for my shopping and now I am ready to tackle all of those people on the list that I am gifting beauty products.  I am so excited to show you what I am buying and how I am pairing it to take six gifts off my lists.  I can't tell you who I bought it for ... because some of those people actually read this daily and I need to keep the surprise of the day under the radar.  😘

There are a number of reasons I am choosing Beautycounter for a section of my gifts, and my two favorite reasons are the amazing boxes the happies come in beautiful boxes ready to add paper and ribbon and that I feel good about what I am sharing with others for their skin.  I consider that a win, win and ordering online keeps me from feeling ragged when I am running around in traffic.  So, honestly I guess that is three reasons and all of them are really good ones!

So here we go ... 

I bought two of these sets for men ... one to use for a stocking stuff ad the other one to gift inside this monogram canvas travel bag.  I bought the larger of the two and chose the navy + brown option.  It is perfect for travel and can be used to hold extra toiletries or all those crazy cords.  Every single person loves to travel and all of them can use a great accessory bag + good travel size products.  So with those three purchases I got one gift marked off + stocking stuffers started for another.  ✔✔

Next up I added this kit to the cart.  I am completely obsessed with the Cleansing Balm and this special edition jar is over sized which is perfect for these crazy winter months.  I told you months ago I am addicted to oil cleansers, I love the way my skin looks and feels after using it.  You can use it as a cleanser, a hydrating mask, and to help keep your feet moisturized during the night.  It is so good, I am pairing it with this candle for someone very special to me!  She deserves a little spa moment each day and I know the balm + the amazing candle will be perfect.  ✔

I also grabbed this kit.  One of my family members has a lot of allergies + dry skin and this body duo set is perfect for her.  I added this travel set since she travels all the time.  I am so excited to wrap these up and see her open them.  For someone who takes really good care of herself and loves to travel  this is a perfect combination. ✔

For two someones who will be thinking of makeup next year I snagged this set, this mascara and this fun brush cleaning pad.  I believe in starting slowly when it comes to makeup and pale pink lips + pretty eyelashes is a perfect place to start. I also really loved this set for a girl who is just beginning to think about her skin.  It is safe and the perfect combo of pieces. ✔✔

For my best friend who is quite possibly the prettiest girl I know I got this set.  We normally only do stocking stuffers but her life lately has been crazy busy and I am gifting her the ability to get ready in five minutes every day with safe beauty.  This would also be a great set for your mother, to ask for from your husband or to give to your daughter if she is wearing makeup. ✔

And lastly ... for the girl who has stepped in the last year and carried me more times than I can count I am purchasing either this set or this one.  I could not have paid for the help she gives me every single week and anyone who takes care of you at this level deserves a fabulous gift.  Now I just need to decide! ✔

I also emailed three things to the Hubs in case he needs ideas for me ... I mean, just in case he doesn't feel like being creative.  I asked for this + this + this.

I am feeling good about my goal, I might just make the deadline!!  Have the best day ever!! 

2018 Gift Guides 

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