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Thanksgiving Vibes

I can't believe that Thanksgiving in mere weeks away, wasn't I just whining about the end of summer just days ago?  We usually eat at my brother in laws house for Thursday and then spend the rest of the weekend at home eating left overs and soaking up the first Christmas feels but this year I think we will be here.  With all the flu germs it is just better to keep the exposure at a minimum for the Hubs.  We shall see, those plans are subject to change. 

Either way I need to think about our table and the food and all the fun.  This morning I officially took the Halloween ribbon off the front door and the pup statue and traded it out for this plaid one. It looks so very good and I love all things plaid + orange so I am one happy girl.  I am planning to use blue + orange + plaid for the table and I think it will be amazing.  I already ordered the candles I need and I am ready to go with all our favorite blue and white pieces, now to just decide on a tablecloth and flowers. 

I loved all the blue + white + orange I put together for the tablescape at the event at Pink Sorbet.  It was simple yet so pretty so I am planning on using this as a base for Thanksgiving.  I will trade out the florals and the tablecloth (which I already gifted to a friend) to a solid so the plaid will pop.  I snagged these napkins which I will monogram (maybe orange?) and add in all my blue and white and then some oranges + gold pine cones + fun details.

I have picked out some fabulous items to be able to create a perfect blue + white table.  I love so many of these pieces, they are all good staples that can be used all day everyday. 💙

I am getting excited, but who isn't excited for a holiday all about being thankful. 

Happy Thursday!

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