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Gift Guide ... Shopping For Him

Oh, the men in our life.  We love them so.  Whether they are our spouses, fathers, brothers, sons, best friends or family they mean everything to us. I know for me I have such a special place in my heart for all the males in my life.  Just like this Gift Guide For Her I have taken great care to choose some amazing gifts you will want to purchase for that special set of males in your life.

I have the best husband, two incredible boys, an amazing best friend not to mention two brothers in law, a fabulous father and a few men who are married to dear friends that mean so much to us. They are our supporters, protectors, best friends and they each hold such a place in our hearts and they deserve amazing gifts this holiday season.  Now that both our boys are basically men (excuse me, how did that happen) I find myself looking for things that will celebrate the amazing humans they have grown into.  It is not as simple as when they wanted endless Lego sets, that really was the best time for so many reasons. They both deserved special things this year and I really hope they love what we chose! ❤

I have so many great pieces to choose from for your shopping, some large stores, some stores that sell amazing classics and a fabulous small business that I love to shop.  I really am excited about so many of these items, many of which I have purchased for the men in my life.  I really am whittling away at my list, which makes me feel so on top of my shopping.

I have some great suggestions for you ... here are the pieces I love the most from the grouping below.  This hat is perfect for all ages, and who doesn't love the iconic Woody? These slippers are not only super comfy but so classic, don't you think?  What a great gift this is ... I love the red box so much and every man needs one! This is the best valet tray ... the green color is stunning and every man needs one!  I love these gloves, they are perfect and the monogram will keep them from getting mixed up with others.  And this camera ... I want it for the Hubs so much so he can take all the photos he loves to take!

I will finish it time, I really think I will. 

Here are the previous Gift Guides for your shopping needs ... I love all the items on each of them!

2018 Gift Guides 

Happy Thursday!  😘

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