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Punch For Thanksgiving

Anyone else thinking of how amazing next Thursday's meal will be?  Since we are staying home this year and avoiding traveling (and germs) we are all about the meal, the family time, and how we spend the day.  I was group texting the family earlier this week about what everyone wanted as their favorites and when I was adding in mine I decided that one of the things I was most interested in would be an evening movie (any recommendations?) with a big charcuterie board and some yummy punch.  Well, that is after a lunch of turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes + cranberry sauce which is my favorite part of the meal.  🦃

I love to make punch.  It is so easy to mix up and if you mix it without the added alcohol you can use the punch for both kids + adults and then just let the adults add in a mixer of their choosing.  This year I am creating a yummy citrus punch (orange, lemon, ginger + rosemary) and then we can either add in Cathead Pecan Vodka, Bourbon or Champagne.  I am also excited to make a large pitcher or two and then be able to sit all we want all weekend.  Thanksgiving plus Black Friday shopping aftermath plus decorating the house ... all sounds perfect with a glass of punch.

When I was pulling all of the pieces of our table out earlier today I pulled out all of the copper mugs.  I love using these mugs, especially at Thanksgiving.  The copper color looks great with all the orange, blue and green I will be using and the mugs keep drinks so very cold.  The punch recipe I am using is a variation of this one changing out a few things.  Since I will be leaving out the spirits it will be friendly for all ages.

Here is my recipe ...

2 1/2 cups orange juice
1/2 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
3 cups Ginger Beer
Fresh orange slices
Fresh rosemary sprigs

If you want to add spirits you can add a bottle of champs, 2 cups of Vodka or Bourbon and if you want to make it even more festive add in frozen cranberries!

If you need any other ideas for punch I have quite a few my punch board on Pinterest.  This one is one of the ones I am dying to try.

Chin, Chin ... and Happy Friday!

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