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Shopping The Classics At Lands' End

Happy November 1st, or as it as known in our house ... the day after.  The day after all the sugar, the excitement, and the crazy sleepy hangover.  Anyone else so sleepy today?  I am on my third cup of coffee and I am still dragging, but it was all so very fun.  Listening to the kids in the driveway last night sorting out their candy and reliving all the fun was everything.  Lawyer and I sat up in our room with the window open just listening to all the fun. 😂

Before I tell you about today's blog post, let me share that this isn't sponsored.  Not that it matters one way or another since I only share brands I use, trust, and shop ... but this has really been on my mind lately.  My friend Maria and I were chatting this weekend and some of our favorite brands are just not the same.  I find myself going back to the ones I have shopped for years looking for classics I can add to.  For example, today I am wearing a black tee, black leggings and when I leave the house in a bit I will add a plaid vest and some loafers to give it color and life.  This is a great outfit to wear, especially when you travel, as you can change it so much.  And the best part?  It is a set of basics I bought and wear again and again! 

This post started from that conversation and the receipt of the new Lands' End catalog.  It arrived and I noticed a 40% off coupon that goes on now and ends November 7.  This is the perfect time for both of us to do some classics shopping + some gifts for Christmas.  I will be posting a lot about holiday shopping since my goal is to finish mine before 12/1.  Yep, all of it done prior to 12/2 and that will be quite the task, but we can do it if we focus.  For me its a major focus and this year I will get it done!!!

I loved having a Lands' End shop nearby for a few years as our Sears had a massive LE section which got quite a number of visits from me.  The best thing about the brand, the clothes fit well, never go out of style, and most can be monogrammed.  Yep, sign me up!! 

Here is what I marked from the newest catalog ... there were so many good things and I decided to help you shop the classics from the big catalogs that arrive on the repeat.  

First ... flannel pajamas!  These are the best you can find and they never go out of style.  I put them on the first hint of fall and they are on the repeat until the warm weather returns.  You can do a matching set (pant + top) or you can just grab the pants.  We always wear matching pjs on Christmas and the kids know they get theirs on 12/1 to start the season and this is my go to source.  During the sale the pants are $24 and the tops are $27. 

Next up ... tote bags.  We all have one of these and mine is so old and I love even more each year.  I got mine from my parents years ago and I love it.  I have the jumbo and I use it when I hit the flea markets.  We have all the sizes and they are all good.  I love the open top, but they come both open or with a zipper.  There are so many colors to chose from ... and how fabulous is this plaid one for the holidays?  You could gift it filled with fun things and use this as the gift bag.  What a perfect gift for a college student or your child who needs some small things and a new tote.  With the sale the medium is currently $17, the large $20, and the jumbo $24. 

Stockings ... these are the best!  We all have them with our names and have been using them for 20+ years.  My mother taught me to buy them here and I took her amazing advice.  I love the classic needlepoint that never goes out of style. They are currently $18 and that includes the personalization.  Can you beat that deal?

Cashmere throws are so perfect for this time of year when it is so chilly and one that feels like cashmere and doesn't have the price tag .. sign me up!  I love to sit and snuggle under a blanket to read, watch TV, or sit in front of the fire.  These are 100% acrylic and feel just like cashmere.  Add them to your bedroom, guest room, den, and porch. They also make an incredible gift.  Currently with the sale they are $27 for solid and $29 for plaid.  Don't forget the monogram!

Now to the best part ... sweaters!  If you are looking for a classic sweater and, most definitely cashmere, this is the best source!! I added all of my favorites below for you to check out.  Remember 40% is the time to get the ones you need!!

And lastly a few things I would recommend you absolutely check out.  This amazing flannel tunic (it's so flattering and looks amazing layered), these riding boots, this super cute pea coat and these super comfy pullovers.  You can't go wrong with any of them for yourself or for a gift!  I can think of a certain teenage girl who would live in that pullover!

Here's to the classics ... always and forever!

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