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All Hallows Eve 2018

Happy Halloween to all of you.  We are stocked with candy, dinner is in the crock pot, and I am putting the final touches on Little Bit's costume. I have a short but fun post for you today rounding up some of my favorites so you can pin and be inspired for tonight and next year. Here's to lots of darling trick or treaters, a crisp night on the porch, and some very fun new memories!  🎃

My favorite front porch was ours from 2016 ... I dressed up a skeleton, added in lots of black + white, pearls and a monogram or two and then flashed an orange light on it at night to make it extra creepy.  I have to admit I don't love the scary side of today, but I am all about the treats.

When it comes to decorating I can't hold a candle to my friend Skipper who does it without abandon.  Truth be told I have to avoid her house this time of year because she has a few things that have frightened me and I am one fraidey cat! Her house looks incredible for Halloween and she adds to it each year making it fabulous.  Here is a video tour and you can search her blog for a room to room tour.

For an wonderful list of fun costumes to try along with some yummy eats and drinks you should head to Classy Girls Wears Pearls and search "Halloween".  The delicious mix above can be made with the recipe she included in this post.

If you are looking for some great movies for this evening I would check out this list.  Since I don't like scary movies I avoid a bunch of them.  I do love Hocus Pocus, It's The Great Pumpkin and, of course, Ghostbusters (both the original and the new one).

And last, if you need any more inspiration check out my Halloween board on Pinterest with so many fun pins to peruse.

Have the best night ... and here's to way more treats than tricks!  

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