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Wreaths + Bows, Oh My

When it comes to decorating the outside of our house, and definitely the inside, I start with a good wreath.  I love how a simple wreath can make so much of a difference.  When I posted our Halloween wreath you guys flooded by emails and DMs about a full post on my thoughts on wreaths and bows.  I really do think a bow on a wreath is such a fabulous look and doesn't have to be hard or complicated.  Since this is Thanksgiving week I think it is the perfect time to publish this piece as this is the time of the year I buy the most wreaths and most definitely the most ribbon.  I hope to inspire you to make easy wreaths that you will love for weeks to come. 🎀 

When it comes to wreath buying I have divided my sources into two categories ... fresh and faux.  For Christmas and Thanksgiving I only add real to the house.  This time of year is perfect for snagging great wreaths at amazing prices.  Usually this week every single year the boxwood wreaths show up at Trader Joes.  I buy at least four of them and they cost $10 each.  I use them on the front door, the dining room, the door to the porch and the breakfast room.  I always use the same ribbon on each of them to make the decorating flow.  This year I snagged black watch plaid ribbon from Hobby Lobby.  I love it, it is wired and 3 inches thick.  It was 50% off and I bought six rolls, which was all they had at the store I shopped.  I linked it above for you to order online. 

image by Kristen Hechler

image by Kristen Hechler

After Thanksgiving you can move the wreaths inside the house to the porch or another outside space as they will be fresh for a few more weeks, just take off the fall ribbon and add in one more festive.  Or if you love the look then just leave them where they are and trade out the bows.  I have done this in year's past, and they held up until right before Christmas. 🎄

For Christmas I buy real "Christmas" wreaths for the outside of our house to add to all the windows.  They run a special after Thanksgiving at Home Depot for $6 each and we need 9 of them. I head directly to the store early one morning after they have refreshed them and snag 9 good ones and immediately come home and lay them out on the driveway to let them settle. They come with a simple red bow wired on and I just remove those and discard. At the end of the season (usually January 7th) I take them down and recycle them. I used to use faux wreaths but the weather makes the wire rust and that isn't good for my painted windows and I finally gave up.  I tie them with solid hot pink ribbon I buy from Michaels and I love them so.  The front door wreath comes from Lynch Creek Farms each year and if you are looking for a stunning live wreath for your front door or to ship to someone special for the holidays they have an incredible collection and fabulous customer service.

If are looking for a faux wreath I have some great sources as well.  I have purchased every single faux wreath we own from either Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, or Hobby Lobby.  It takes a few minutes to look at their selection and find one that words for you and sometimes you have to remove the bow they have added but that is ok since it will be divine once you are finished. Just a few days ago I spotted a red berry wreath I loved and it would have been amazing with a large plaid bow.  I choose a wreath for its base and then you can add in fresh clippings if you desire, a new bow (for sure), and even some extra pieces.  Just remember to really take in the inventory and choose what works for you! The orange velvet wreath I bought at Marshall's was $19 and clearly will be a favorite for years to come.

Ribbon ... oh I love some ribbon!

I buy my ribbon from either Home Goods, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby.  This time of year is perfect for grabbing some great rolls of ribbon. For our outside wreaths I use this ribbon and I buy it fresh every single year since the sun fades it quite a bit over the six weeks it is on the house. If you don't love pink like I do, they also have a great green and a perfect off white.  I am using the off white to style one of my boutiques tomorrow for Christmas.  If you are looking for a great classic plaid I would use either this one or this one.  This time of year in the Holiday section you can find some amazing ribbon at Home Goods that is thick, wired, and perfect for a wreath or to top your tree. For bows I only use wired ribbon, anything else will not give you the bow you see me use. 

To make bows you need great scissors, wired ribbon (I use at least 2 inches and love the 3 inch width), floral wire, and of course, a wreath or a tree to tie it on when finished.  If I am just making one bow I keep most of the ribbon on the spool but if I am making more than one, like 2 for the top of the tree or 9 for the front of the house, then I unroll the entire roll so I have more freedom to play with it. 

I intended to create a video for you and then I spotted the one below and since she and I make bows the exact same way, I decided to let her make mine for me. We both use the bow tie + x technique and she shows it perfectly. The only difference in this video and mine is that she uses pipe cleaners to tie her tree topper and I use floral wire.  I may need to start using pipe cleaners now that I see how easy they are to work with.  For a wreath I use the same technique but in a smaller version and without the added tails. 

I hope your Monday was amazing!

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