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Gift Guide ... Gifts By Price Point

Happy Saturday!  I hope your weekend is bright, sunny, and full of something fun. I was supposed to be in Thomasville this weekend for the Wild Life Arts Festival but the Hubs isn't feeling well and I am happy to stay home and be with him.  So instead of my original plans I am getting ahead on work, organizing for the week ahead and taking advantage of the extra time at home.  So far this morning I have enjoyed two wonderful cups of coffee with the Hubs in bed and we just watched the new Netflix release The Princess Switch.  It was so sweet.  I consider the cancelled plans to be a blessing and I will never be sad about being given a blessing.  ❤

When I asked a few weeks ago which Gift Guides you would like to see a lot of you asked for gifts by price point.  I have never pulled them together that way, but I was happy to make it happen.  I found some really great gifts, like this very helpful popcorn bowl.  I pulled them together by price point $25, 50, 75, and 100.  I will share with you my favorites from each section, I haven't separated them for  girls and boys, I chose to group them together!  Most of the gifts I chose for you could be used by either sex ... like this insert for your grill.  How amazing is it, and what a great gift!

Under 25 ... This is always a good price point, it is perfect for anyone.  Need a neighbor gift, a carpool buddy, a gift for a sweet friend, a teacher gift, or truly anyone you need to buy a little happy for.  I think $25 is a great price point.  I really love this travel set, it would be amazing for the person on your list that loves to travel. This bingo set is great for those who love games ... oh and the Royals.  And this silk eye mask ... yes please!!

Under 50 ... This is a great category.  You can find amazing gifts and still not spend too much.  I have found some fun things in this category for you ... especially this adorable hat and this fabulous traveling game set.  I can think of two people who would love both from my list.  I also really love this toothbrush and I really think this speaker is fabulous.  If $50 is your budget there are some amazing choices here for you. 

Under $75 ... Another great category, and one I seem to spend a lot of time in.  With the exception of the big, special gifts I usually keep my gifts under $75 for those closest to me.  I have learned that things don't have to be expensive to be loved and with sales this time of year you can find amazing things in this price range that would not normally be here.  I really was excited to include this mug set and this griddle is incredible.  The phone sanitizer is brilliant and would be a good gift for anyone.  I also really like the ice tea maker, as a girl who loves her tea this is so good.

Under $100 ... I am positive you can find amazing things in this price point this time of year.  I really struggle to spend a lot on some gifts when the sales are soooo good.  For $100 you find get such special things for that super special person.  I love this sweater, this camera has amazing ratings, and this silk pillowcase has a major cult following.  A toolbox (yes please), the best blanket and a set of iconic plates ... yes, yes and OH YES!

Happy shopping and most importantly ... Happy Saturday!

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