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My Christmas Gifts

Happy Sunday to you all ... I can't believe it is literally hours before the new year.  It is almost crazy how fast that happened.  Part of me feels like the year just started and another part of me feels like it was the longest year EVER.  I think I am more than ready this year to start a fresh new year and one that has nothing but possibilities.  Typically I do not like odd years, turning an odd number age, and anything odd really (I am a weirdo) but this year's even number didn't seem to be the best either so I am up for quite possibly anything. 🎊

As I promised I am here to share with you all the gifts I bought for my family and beloved friends.  I really feel so good about the gifts I chose, they all were so well received.  I made the decision after our Haiti trip to not overspend and over give as we all have so much and need for so little.  My favorite thing I gave this year was an experience.  For my mother's 70th birthday I gave her an evening today + Nutcracker tickets.  We had the best time and it will forever be a special memory for both of us.  For my dad I gave him tickets to a professional hockey game which was one of the things on his bucket list.  We all loved it (all 7 of us) and the three fights were crazy but also so fun.  I think hockey may have moved up on my list of things I like to watch.  The skating alone is crazy to watch!! I have most definitely vowed to give more experiences in the new year.  I love when someone plans something special for me and I need to share this with others.  2019 ... a year of experiences for sure!

First friends ... I love showing my closest friends what they mean to me!  For my friend Emily I bought this scarf and these swizzle sticks for her bar.  For my friend Lance I bought this set of coasters in his family monogram and this dopp kit for a year of fun travel ahead.  For my best friend Holly I got this monogram hat + a special ornament which we always exchange.  For my Florida friends I ordered these mugs + these cute bags for their purses! For my favorite travel obsessed friend I purchased a passport cover + this great TSA approved bag.  Everyone was beyond happy with their cute gifts!

For the pups I bought new monogram collars and cute monogram sweaters.  Somehow Millie's sweater came too small, but Murphy thought it was the perfect size for him.  I also bought two of these bowls for Millie for her food + water and moved the bowls she came with into her travel bag so she would recognize them when we travel.  Right before Christmas I ordered a car seat for Millie (Murphy gets carsick) so I added that into the mix as well.

For my girl who wanted a Merry-clothesmas we bought her a few outfits + a pair of Uggs.  She was one happy girl and has been so excited to get dressed the past few days.  Happy teenage girl is the best ever. For the boys we bought them monogram duffle bags plus something special for each of them.  For the middle son that was a holder for his growing vinyl collection + a fun popcorn maker + his favorite movie. For the oldest it was a set of monogram blazer buttons + a new phone plus a great case + a sound bar.   The Hubs and I only shared stockings but I splurged and bought him a firewood carrier + a watch which he happily has worn every single day.  I added this mug to his stocking since he is as obsessed with Hallmark movies as I am! It makes me so happy to see it on his wrist! 

The rest of the gifts I bought I have shared below ... and each one of them made me so happy to give. It was a simple and very memorable Christmas ... just what I wanted more than anything!

I hope you are enjoying your week ... I know we have loved the low key schedule and I am soaking up every single minute of the kids and our little or no plans!  Have the best day!!


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