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Happy 2019

Waking up this morning with the sun shining, the birds chirping and the most beautiful feeling in the air was just heavenly.  As I was walking Millie it just felt like the best day of the year, which quite possibly, it is since it is the first day of the year.   I am really focused on peace in the chaos this year and waking up this morning and being greeted by the lovely day was a major plus to feeling peaceful.

This year I am not making any huge goals.  It is once again all about the commitment to each and every day which was a focus for last year and one I want to keep going.  I can't plan for the next week or next month, other than to make goals, and I am perfectly ok with that.  It makes you focus on getting each and every moment out of the current day, the one we are truly meant to focus on.  I have made major changes in my beauty and skin care and this year I intend to continue to focus on my self care. I also have made some changes in creating a green house, and this year I intend to make this a major focus, one day at a time.

I am also excited to travel, meet even more lovely people, work with the brands I love and adore, make some great changes to our home, organize a few spaces in my life that are crazy-town, and to spend a lot of time making the blog the best it can be. 

I hope your day is magical ... whether you are nursing a bit of a headache or not ... make it the best day of the brand new year! 💗

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