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The Most Amazing Wreaths

As we all know I love a wreath.  Whether its a simple boxwood wreath tied with a satin bow or an elaborate detailed version (these are my favorite), there is just something about that perfect circle of goodness that makes me very happy.  Imagine my sheer excitement when one of my dearest friends began to create the most stunning wreaths I have ever seen. Layered and colorful, with touches of new and lots and lots of shiny pieces of old, these wreaths are truly one of a kind.

If you haven't spotted a Parker Kennedy Living Vintage Wreath I am about to make your day so much brighter.  Honestly, you will be absolutely blown away! Lance creates incredible one of a kind masterpieces with ornaments + incredible vintage jewelry that will truly inspire and delight.  I can tell you I have had the please of seeing each and every one of the many he has created quite possibly tops the last one.  They are stunning, and true works of art and I am always blown away by his incredible talents.

Most recently he designed and created a vintage Barbie wreath that was truly outside the box.  It was stunning and so fabulous and had so many tiny details inside that were so perfect for every single person who has looked up to Barbie maybe her whole life.  I can recall playing with my Barbies as a young child and being so enamored with all of her incredible accouterments.  She was beyond and had every single thing you could imagine from her darling little shoes to her amazing pink car.   She was everything. 

Anyone else obsessed with every single thing about Barbie?

In between his hours of creation I asked Lance to share some details of how the wreaths began and all the ins and outs of the newest custom Barbie wreaths. I am telling you ... you must check out the details in these photos, they are truly unbelievable.

First of all ... let’s talk about the wreaths.  What inspired you to create your first one?

I was inspired to do my first vintage jewelry wreath about three Christmas’ ago. A client of ours in San Francisco asked us to design a wreath for a charity event for auction. The event was based around local & international designers coming up with a different kind of wreath to make to give to the auction. I stressed about it trying to decide on what would be different. I had seen vintage ornament Christmas wreaths but I wanted to take that to the next level and it evolved from there. 

I have always loved looking at the designs of vintage & antique jewelry. I don’t like to wear it I just want to study it and look at it. It’s so pretty & beautiful.

The details ... they just don’t disappoint.  How long does it take you to make one?

My first wreath took me maybe 3 days. It was massive and extremely heavy. I have mastered the process now and I can usually complete two fully done 22” wreaths in one day.

What inspires you for each one?

Honestly what inspires me for each one is what I had on hand at the time I make them. I source thrift stores and antique malls year round and the most special pieces I keep for my wreath supplies.  I love to use antique & vintage shiny brights, the vintage poodle and monogram brooches, pearls and so many other pieces I think are special.

What do you think makes these wreaths the special works of art that they are?

The wreaths really have evolved into “art” over the last 3 years. I had no idea they would had blown up like they have. I think what makes them special are all the tiny details of broken & jewelry pieces I put together on the wreaths. Everyone that sees the wreaths say their favorite thing is to look at all the details - they see something different and new every time they look at them.

The Barbie’s!!!  What made you decide to use a Barbie on your wreaths?

Well, there are two stories.  First, about a year ago on PKL The Cellar I sold a vintage 1970's Barbie case filled with barbies, clothes and accessories. I bought it at a thrift shop on the back roads of Georgia. The vintage Barbie vase was such a big hit on the sale. We had customers fighting over it and wanting it to purchase it after it sold. 

Fast forward a year or so later I came across another big big of barbies for sale and bought them after thinking of an all pink vintage Barbie wreath in my head. It was a risk. I didn’t know if our customers would love it or would honestly think it was creepy. I made one and it was such a hit. I had so many customers wanting it. I had requests for custom orders on the Barbie wreaths coming in left and right. I think I just shipped out my 5th or 6th Barbie wreath this week. 

Did you have any idea that your customers would completely flip for this new decision?

I was nervous - I didn’t know if they would love it or think it was creepy.  I had a clear vision of making it all pink and adding the Barbies in with all shades of pinks. I was so excited when people starting expressing the interest we saw.  

What do you think makes the iconic Barbie so fabulous?

I honestly think the Barbie wreaths bring back childhood memories for most of our customers.  Barbie is nostalgic especially around the holidays. You think Christmas tree, Barbies under it wrapped for Christmas morning!

So I see you are now taking custom orders.  How is that going?  Are you customers beyond giddy to be able to ask for something special?

We decided to do custom orders after the Barbie inspired and the Lilly inspired wreaths literally blew up more than ever this year! If I have the initials of the buyer I like to try to put them on the wreaths but I don’t always have the right vintage monogram brooch or pendant to add. 

What do you like to include in wreath?

I always try and add vintage or antique monograms, and some sort of vintage pearls.  

Do you have a favorite you have made?

I love the second vintage Barbie wreath I made for Patricia Altschul from Southern Charm.  She absolutely loved it. 

For a short time longer this year Parker Kennedy will be taking orders for more custom wreaths.  You will absolutely pass out when you see them in person, I can promise you the photos do not do them justice.  You can order yours by emailing them directly or you can order one of the ones already made that pop up for auction on their weekly The Cellar sales.

I can tell you this ... they are truly details for days and absolutely one of a kind. 💛

Have the most amazing Friday!

Since it is day 7 of the 12 Days of Gifting ... I have another amazing gift for you today from another one of the small businesses I support and adore!  Today is Barrington Gifts and their amazing personalized and customizable accessories!  I really enjoy all of my Barrington pieces and I really enjoy giving them to others.  It is not too late to order something for someone on your gifting list. I purchased a passport cover on 11/30 and it shipped on 12/4 and arrived to me yesterday 12/6.  I can't show you what I ordered since they read my blog (😏) but i can tell you I chose the navy + white stripes with a pink and darker pink stripe with the box monogram.  She will love it so!!

In the accessories section I love the passport cover, the accessory bag, the luggage tag and the key
ring wallet and the sunglasses case, all of which are linked below for you! 

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