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Those Hard To Buy For Males

Why, oh why are those cute boys in our life so hard to buy for?  I know mine make it a little tricky to find them unique gifts that I know they will love that doesn't include a gift card or another hoodie, which mine seem to love more than anything.  When I put the question out on stories Saturday asking if there was any help you needed with gift giving so many of you responded with either Teens, Boys or Teenage Boys.  I have some helpful hints for you today for boys of most ages, the teens and up that is, and I hope you will find a few great gifts in this mix to help you out.  I answered one of the most other asked for groups in yesterday's post and I hope you scored some great gifts for the Mothers + Mothers in Law in your life.  I really loved the suggestions I made, and even snagged one more small gift for my mother out of the mix.

We are really trying hard this year to pare down our lists and gift buying and I feel like I have done a really good job.  I really recommend buying each one of your family members an experience gift, you will both have such a great time and they will love the gift. We gave my mother a gift to see The Nutcracker last night (we had the best time) and we are giving my dad a fun outing that I know he will be over the moon about.

Anna Grace's Graduation party

My oldest is an engineer student and since he walks all over the college campus from class to work he loves a good fleece pull over. He is so easy to buy for and my struggle with him is buying him something special since he is so practical.  This year I think I have scored, but we shall see.  When I asked him what he thought would be great gifts for his age he gave me a couple of really good ideas.  He recommends a sound bar (all boys love loud music + games), this cool game, and "something to hold all your cords" so I found this cord organizer.  I also found this fabulous hat, these sunglasses which I think every college boy could use and this duffle bag for traveling back and forth from school to home.  I also thought some great sweatpants would be a fabulous gift and if your boy likes the gym like ours does I like these work out gloves.

one of our many daily selfies

The exact opposite of our low key 22 year old would be the artistic, preppy 17 year old.  He could not be more different than his brother.  While one is super low key, this one is the life of the party.  Recently he started collecting old albums so he is an easy buy in this area.  I love finding something I know he likes and you can tell because it will be playing loudly on his record player.  I bought this one for his birthday and it has been fabulous.  He loves to dress to the nines so this watch would be a perfect gift for him because he can trade out the bands which he loves to do. Music is his source of relaxation and I really like these headphones.  I shared on Instagram that my dad started a tool box for me while I was in high school and he did the same for our oldest and it is the best gift.  Each year he gives him a few more tools for his box and soon he will have a full set.  I still have mine all these years later and its fully stocked with all the things I need.  This tool box is the perfect one to start for someone at this age.  They will love it so many years later.

I have rounded up quite a few ideas for teen boys + more ideas for all the males in your life, so you will see things for all age groups.  There are some great things below to help you find something for the boys on your list.

The happiest of Mondays to you!

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