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Shopping At Walmart

Have you shopped at Walmart recently? Not in the store, but online?  If you haven't I am about to blow your mind.  Walmart has upped their game in a major way with the customer winning all day long.  They have so much amazing inventory and at prices that are hard to beat.  I have rounded up my favorite things I saw on the site today for either your family or any gift you may need.  It is a shopping day at Walmart today on the blog so get ready with your pen and list and let's see who we can cross off.

Before I go any further let me clarify, this is not a sponsored post.  Walmart has not compensated me in any way to write about them or their products.  Yes, I have included affiliate links in the post, but I have chosen the products that I think are the best deals.  As a recent shopper I feel compelled to share what I found and let you know the deals are a plenty and you too need to check them out.  Walmart is seriously giving Amazon a run for its money and you can most definitely benefit with some digging. 

It all started for me with a Christmas tree.  We were in need of a new tree for our den and I had heard from other bloggers that Walmart was the place to shop.  I remember thinking ... Walmart?  I checked it out and was so impressed I bought three trees and a few more things.  My total was less than $300 and for three trees and three other items I thought that was the deal of the year.  I vowed to come home and put them up and then decide if I would share the knowledge and I am here to tell you, the deals are amazing, the trees were everything I needed (and more) and you too should be shopping Walmart online.

For example ... this vacuum is crazy discounted ($130 off), these pots are on major sale ($60 off), and this blender is a fabulous price.  I found my favorite eyelash boost for almost half the price I bought it the first time and this bar cart is a good one and the price is crazy good ... and these pearl earrings, get them now! There is also a large selection of Cuisinart products you should check out.  All of these things are just a tip of the iceberg.  I have rounded up some amazing things for you below ... all of which you should definitely check out.

Happy Shopping!!

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