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Stockings & Apple Watches & Tips ... Oh My

When I threw out the question asking if you needed shopping help you answered and in a big way.  As I mentioned before you asked for Mothers + Mothers in Law, Boys of all ages + more Stocking ideas.  I have already posted about the first two and today I am updating my Stocking suggestions.  For me stockings are the most fun, its like a little snippet of happy celebration in a small area.  I shared before that I fill our stockings with a mixture of sweet treats + some fun travel size things + a few wrapped happies at the top.  I also always add in a few scratch off lottery tickets.  We don't play the lottery on any regular basis so this is a fun little add in they always get excited about.

I have already posted once about stockings so I went back and updated that post with my shopping picks for you as well as I will share them here.  I feel like it gives you a double dose plus the first post gives you some extra tips which I am not sharing again today.  I have some new things to share so I will leave those in the first post.  I hope you read yesterday's post on my feelings on Walmart.  I can't tell you how blown away I am by the run Walmart is giving Amazon.  Now I love some Amazon so it takes a lot for me to open a new tab and shop somewhere else and the inventory on the Walmart website is well worth the extra tab!

First things first ... here are my picks for some great things to add to your stockings.  If you click on the photo it will tell you the cost (pre sale most times) of each so you can gauge how much it will run you.  So many of the items are on sale so I would most definitely check them out.

I just bought two of these phone cases for the Males in my life and one of these belts.  Both of which are great prices and perfect gifts for any age, well any that owns an Iphone.  If you buy $50 at Tuckernuck you get $10 off so I would add a second thing to your cart and take advantage of the sale. 

I hope you caught my live video yesterday on Instagram.  I shared some tips for teacher gifts, neighbor happies and how I am using this tub + this platter.  These are both great gifts to have and I would recommend you purchasing either (or both) to give to anyone on your list that needs them.  The tubs have been amazing for us and I took care of three major people on my list.  And the platters?  They are so cute and so useful and are perfect for so many additions.  I wrapped mine with breakfast bread but the options are limitless!  Check them out today, a lot of them have sold out! And I used these sugars to add to a bottle of Prosecco for one of the teachers who is also a major bestie.  She will love it!!

I also got so many requests asking for great bands for Apple watches.  What a great gift!!  I had my cute side kick do some research and she found a ton for me to share with you.  Now I want an Apple watch ... ok, well only maybe.  These bands are so great it was hard to say no to all of them, like this blush option, so cute right?  

I am here to help you with your needs so if you need another category let me know!!  I hope you snagged a S'well bottle or two in yesterday's flash sale I posted about on Instagram.  That was crazy good and another fun stocking stuffer.  

Have the best Thursday!  Mine consists of some gift deliveries this morning and then I am heading to Orlando for a few days to rest and relax!!  Love y'all ... 

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