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12 Happies du Jour

I have really missed this series.  I had to put it aside for all the Christmas and holiday content but I am so happy to bring it back. I make lists all week of things that catch my eye and I always save them for this post.  I always feel a little like it is a good phone call with a bestie where you get to catch up and share all the things you have been thinking about. I have so many things to share and I may not be able to keep it at 12 items, but I am completely fine with that.

The holidays are over but we are still drinking cocoa and coffee on repeat with fun marshmallows.  I prefer the peppermint ones and the kids will literally try any flavor I put out.  My favorite peppermint marshmallows are these.  They are so yummy and make a hot drink so much more fun.  The kids love the snowmen ones above from Lolli & Pops.  Aren't they so cute?

I have to stare the fact that I am a newly minted Lululemon convert.  After listening to two of my friends rave about their Align leggings for quite some time I decided to take the plunge while I was in Winter Park last month.  I tried them on and thought they were amazing, but I wasn't completely in love at first sight. I think it was maybe two weeks later that I got sick and wore them for three days straight.  I took them off to wash them and immediately missed them.  I knew then and there I was an addict.  I have both black and navy in the 25" length and I truly do think they are incredible.  I wear them with sweaters and my Tretorns, long t shirts and Uggs and even with sweaters and ballet flats.  I am telling you, I adore them.

J.Crew is having a major sale on their winter items and I am dying.  I love so many of the pieces and I have been trying to narrow it down on what I want. I know I need a few sweaters and I would like to grab a new pair of jeans and maybe some t shirts.  There is just so much goodness.  I have linked all my favorites below.  The prices are below each one, but that does not include the extra 50% off.

I have heard so many things about the Marie Kondo series. Have you watched it?  I am dying to check it out now that Hallmark doesn't have my full attention. 

Veranda says these are the best 8 places in London to have afternoon tea.  I absolutely love afternoon tea so I am up for trying every single one of them. Now I just need a ticket to London ... 

While I was on the website I also found this article about the most colorful homes around the world.  There are some really amazing images of stunning homes out there and I love them all

Over the holidays I grabbed some darling things from Anthropologie.  I bought a set of the items below for myself and for my friend Ashley as a self care surprise.  We both loved them all. 

While I was pulling all those product links for you I found this amazing shower cap.  How cute is this?

My best friend Lance gave me a pair of bamboo hoop earrings for my birthday and I love them so.  I posted a picture of me wearing them and everyone loved them as much as I do.  You can purchase them here, they are truly are fabulous!

While you are on the PKL site make sure you check out their top five favorites. There are all truly fantastic!!  That bracelet is 😍.

Did you see this post?  If you haven't found your word for the year I think you should.  It is a resolution you can most definitely see til the end. 

Did you shop the Lilly sale?  I have been restraining myself since I got some really cute things recently but I know they have some amazing pieces at great prices.  I have linked all my favorite things I snagged recently and really like!  The sale ends today at midnight so make sure you check it out today. 

I have switched my dry shampoo and I am telling you this one really works.  It really cleans your hair in between washings and leaves it smelling so good. My husband, who never comments on smells, has told me three times he likes the way it smells.  That makes it a win, win for sure. 

Have the very best day ... ❤

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