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What I Splurged On Last Year

As we all know last year was a rocky one and, honestly, I didn't buy that much for myself.  It was good in a lot of ways as I really need so little.  I did buy a number of things I needed (new pair of jeans, car seat for Millie, settee for my office) that were really useful and made a impact in my days. Anyone who buys a great pair of jeans knows how fabulous they are and how often you wear them. Am I right?  On top of the things I needed ... I bought a handful of things I wanted that I really am happy I purchased.  All these months later I am thrilled I have them and use them literally all the time.  I can't wait to share them with you today.  I would love to hear what you splurged on that you are really excited about so DM me and email me and share those purchases!

I think the first thing on the list would be my Louis Vuitton Speedy.  Years ago I purchased a Neverfull with money my grandmother sent me.  She told me to buy something I really wanted and I did.  It felt like the most extravagant thing I would ever own and I think it still is.  I used it every single day for more than five years and I still love it so very much.  It still goes everywhere with me and sits in my car while I am using my new bag with my calendar, laptop, and other work things so that I have them when I need them.  Early last year I really wanted to add a Speedy to my collection.  I did not, however, want a new one that would cost me more than I felt it was worth.  I was more than happy with a used one that was in great condition and where I could still purchase the bag and not spend the large fee.  I sold a bunch of things in a local consignment sale and with that money I purchased the new bag.  Before purchasing I hunted for months looking at bags online and bags in a local shop trying to find what I wanted for the price I wanted to spend.  It took me months, but in the fall I found the bag I was hunting for the price I wanted to spend and when it arrived I was literally giddy. I understand that seems crazy but I had hunted for so long and even found it for just under what I was willing to spend.  I found my bag on Poshmark but they can also be found on the RealReal and Ebay for great prices.  My tip for you would be to do your homework, look over the bag and ask all questions you want before you click purchase.  So many of the bags I thought were great would end up having damage in areas that was not ok for me. Oh, and for reference ... mine is the Speedy 30.

Next I purchased my first pair of Stubbs Wooten loafers.  I have loved Stubbs for as long as I can remember and I was ready to take the plunge.  Once again I was not wanting to spend the money for a new pair quite yet, but I wanted a great pair I would wear all the time.  I did my homework and found out that samples can be purchased from great sites like Ebay and the RealReal and they would be new or like new.  This was another time I would have to do my homework and sit and wait until I found a pair I loved at a price I also loved.  It didn't take anywhere near as long as the Speedy and I found a perfect pair for me for a fraction of a brand new pair.  I have worn them so much and I am ready for their sale in September when I will purchase my first bespoke pair.  I do not mind spending more money on something I know will stand the test of time and both my Stubbs and the Speedy fit that category.  I stumbled onto my pair on Ebay and found them for $200 still in the box and brand new.  #score

image by Kristen Hechler

When I was in Charleston for the Garden & Gun Jubilee in 2017 I purchased a pair of Goldbug Collection earrings that I had been eyeing for over a year.  I loved how they looked, how they hung, and I wanted something to remember the trip and the year.  I was thrilled with the purchase and have worn them repeatedly since.  When I was in Cashiers in August for the Showhouse I spotted the girls again and knew I wanted to add to my collection.  After checking out all the Goldbug Collection pieces I finally settled on this bracelet.  I had a hard time deciding between the one I purchased and another larger one which is not currently on their site.  In the end I knew I would wear the smaller one more and I have. It is one of my favorite jewelry pieces and it goes with me every single time I travel.  I have a whole post on the collection + the girls coming soon which I know you will love.  Every single time I see the bangle I remember the weekend and the time Lance and I spent together and it makes me smile.

In the early fall I purchased a pair of leopard boots.  I have been wanting a similar pair for over a year and the minute I spotted them on the website I ordered them.  I wasn't sure I would love them but the minute I put them on I was sold. I love leopard so very much and truly treat it as if it were a neutral. I have worn them with jeans, skinny black pants and even dresses and I like them with every single outfit.  I have plans to wear them with another outfit this week and I can't wait.  Every single time I wear them people ask about them.  At the moment they are still full price ... and I think still so worth it.  

As I have many times over the year I also invested in new makeup + skin care.  It was the best decision of the year and I haven't looked back.  Every single morning and evening when I get ready for the day and get ready for bed I think about the choice I made and I am super thankful.  Investing in safe skin care and makeup free of things that will harm my skin makes me oh so very thankful.  I have written about it in this post and in this post.

This year I plan on researching and purchasing a new watch + a staple pair of sunglasses + a bespoke pair of Stubbs + a great carry on suitcase.  Send me your tips if you own any of these and would love to share your sources!!

Oh, and check out Ebay and the RealReal as sources for great used luxury items.  They have so many great items and guarantee the pieces they sell.  I have had amazing success and will continue to shop both of them in the future. 

Have the best Wednesday!

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