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Flowers + Citrus With Parker Kennedy Living

One of the many, many, many benefits of being best friends with Lance Jackson is his floral talent. (And I say this with like 1,000 + many because he is wicked talented in every single way possible!!)  He swears he isn't a florist, yet creates so many stunning and jaw dropping arrangements and makes it look so very easy you would swear he was fibbing.  I love fresh flowers and shop for them each Monday to have in the house.  As I buy them I remember every single tip he has shared along with how to keep them fresh, and most of all, which ones to choose. I have always loved flowers, but he has taught me so much that my floral game has seen a major jump in the last few years.  I am a roses girl.  I love roses and almost every single color they come in.  I am partial to pale pink and hot pink, but I am just as happy with vases of orange, white, and or yellow all over the house.  As luck would have it Lance shared some of his tips in a live video on Instagram yesterday to show how he styles roses and how he incorporates citrus into arrangements. 

image by Lydia Menzies

I am also a HUGE fan of citrus, and every single variety.  I love to use them in the kitchen to style, adding them to my water, putting them in bowls, and most of all, eating them all day every day.  My grandfather was a citrus harvest and hauler and my love of citrus runs way back to my childhood.  From teaching me how to peel them, cut them and what to eat when, my grandfather was and will always be the reason I am completely obsessed with every single variety of citrus.  Lance also loves citrus and he uses them in the best way, in his floral arrangements.  I absolutely love when he adds them to flowers and the result is simply stunning. As you will see in the photos included, his arrangements are absolutely spectacular. 

And he swears he isn't a florist. 

I asked Lance a few questions about his love of flowers + citrus and he was more than forthcoming with some great tips and tricks. I am telling you, this is a treat for this day.  If your weather is anything like ours is today the rush of color and signs of spring will most definitely brighten your day.  Head to the Parker Kennedy Living Instagram and watch both Live videos before they disappear. 

Tell me about your love for citrus.

I love citrus for a lot of reasons.  First of all the colors, I love the natural bright colors all created by Mother Nature. I love the way citrus smells, it is so fresh and clean. I really love the texture of citrus and last, I love that citrus always makes me think of spring and summer which are my most favorite seasons. 

Tell me about your passion for mixing citrus and flowers.

I love to mix citrus with flowers because it is unexpected. The colors blend so well with flowers and fresh greenery, it just pops off the greenery so perfectly.   

How long with the citrus last?

If you pick really fresh citrus it should last a few weeks and even when it begins to harden and turn a little tan I think it still looks amazing. 

Do you have any tips for choosing flowers, arranging them and incorporating citrus?

Yes ... 
1.  Always use hot water to fill your vases, it helps your blooms open up. 
2.  Cut your stems at an angle to help open the stem for water flow.
3.  Use a cap full of bleach in your water to make the blooms last longer. 
4.  You can find floral picks at either Michaels or Hobby Lobby. 
5. Do not fret about making anything perfect, it needs to be organic so you really can't mess it up. 

I told you he was wicked talented!  I am one lucky girl to be able to spend so much time with talent that knows no end.  To follow along with their journey make sure you follow Parker Kennedy Living on Instagram and stay tuned for more Live videos.  I have a gut feeling this will be one of many to come!

Happy Friday to you all!! 🍊

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