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Weekly Wellness ... Laundry Room

Last week I started a Weekly Wellness journey with you and this week I am back with a second area of the home.  If you are just joining me you can read all about my Why and the changes we made in the self care + beauty areas in last weeks post.  Since I have already made our bathrooms clean it was time to tackle area number two. My goal is to end this year with our home and the things we consume being as close to 100% clean and green as possible.  With this weekly commitment I am hoping to make the changes easy for me and for our family and for you as you follow along.

For me the first place I am tackling this year is the laundry room. As I said before the bathroom has already been managed so now I can focus on the laundry room since every single article of clothing + sheets + towels goes through this space in the house.  I am truly hoping to see a difference in our son's eczema issues with a change in the products we are using.  I have already used my Think Dirty app to look up every single product we use in the laundry room and found them to be a 8 or more on the dirty scale, with 1 being safe and 10 being the worst.  I was honestly shocked.  I buy expensive products thinking they are safer than most and I was very, very wrong.  But when you know better you do better so I am moving on!!

The first thing I replaced was our dryer sheets.  I had been using expensive ones that smelled amazing and worked perfectly (so I thought) but they scored an 8/10.  I replaced them with wool dryer balls that not only work extremely well but they are 100% safe and I can spritz them with any essential oil I want to help my laundry smell amazing.  You know how you have an issue with your towels + dryer sheets and absorbing water?  Well, that is no longer an issue.  I bought a dozen of them and have them on the shelf above the dryer.  I also ordered these bottles to dilute my oils (I will be using lavender in the laundry room) + Thieves so they will sit next to the wool balls ready to be spritzed and added to the dryer. Each of us in the house does our own laundry so the kids will most likely be using the wool balls without scent and that is perfectly fine.  Since I wash their sheets and towels I will make sure they smell nice and are back in their rooms ready to greet them! The best part about the trade out was the expense.  I purchased the wool balls for $20 and they will last me a whole year.  #yesplease

I also replaced our laundry detergent with Thieves laundry detergent from Young Living.  I have been using the same one for a few years now and I have loved it, but once again a 8/10 made it something that had to go. I was sad and quite shocked that I had been using something that could not only contain carcinogens, but was also high on the allergen list.  My eyes were once again 😳 and I had to make a new plan.  The new detergent is not a large bottle but it is very concentrated so it will require less. The bottle, although much smaller than my other one, washes 64 loads.

The best part of the detergent for me, besides the clean + green factor, is the addition of Thieves essential oil.  If you aren't familiar with Thieves you will love this information.  In my opinion Thieves essential oil is basically a magic oil.  It kills bacteria, it fights harmful fungi, and it supports brain health and supports the fight against cancer.  

Is there anything else I need to know?   

 A couple of questions I know you all have ..

How does it smell?

Thieves is a combination of clove, lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary, and cinnamon.  I think it smells like amazing, sort of like fall maybe.  When the clothes come out of the washing machine I don't think they have a smell at all, just a simple clean citrus scent.

Does it work?

Yes, very well.  I washed and dried our sheets and towels yesterday and honestly I couldn't tell a difference between the old products and the new ones other than I know these are completely safe. I started with a white load because honestly I felt that would be the best test of clean.  I did not add anything at all to the wash, no bleach or extra products, and they came out very clean.  I was thrilled.

How do your clothes feel?

Just like they do when I wash and dry them.  Honestly, you would not be able to tell the difference at all if I folded one pile of before clothes and one pile of after clothes. That makes me oh so happy!!

So, how do you order what I am using.  I have linked the wool dryer balls, the bottles, sprayers, towels (both bath and hand for kitchen) and the baskets I use in the laundry room in the link below.  They are all from Amazon and you can order them in one shot.  To order the laundry detergent you will need to order it from Young Living.  I can not tell you how great this detergent is and how safe it is.  I am also using the foaming hand soap, the dish soap, the wipes, the household cleaner and the essential oil.  To get started with Young Living I recommend a Premium Starter Kit and adding in the detergent and the foaming hand soap.  (You can read this post to understand why I am so in love with Young Living!) If you would just like to order the Thieves collection you can do so on the site here.  One of my favorite thing about the products is that they are concentrated and last a long time.  #thankyou! I would love to help you walk this path of clean living and I hope you will be inspired to start in your laundry room or make this your second step after skin care + makeup.

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