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Shopping With Amazon

We all love Amazon.  I don't think that is a news flash for anyone.  You get to shop from home, have it delivered in less than two days with a Prime membership, and its like shopping from a huge shop that carries every single thing from aspirin + Q-tips to luggage + luxury items.  I have shared many items I have bought from Amazon in the past but recently I started buying more that I have yet to share, and today I am sharing some of my favorite things I have purchased and truly think are fabulous.  And the best part ... most of them will show up at your door with Prime shipping.  That to me is just the icing on the cake. Get ready to make it an add to cart kind of day!

Typically for me I would order things for the house.  I have Dash buttons for the basics and I order things we need.  I have ordered coffee, food, soap dispensers + refills, organizational items and the like.  Late last year I stepped out and ordered some plaid items, some napkins and a large scarf, and then I was hooked.  I snagged some fabulous Adidas leggings my girl wanted for Christmas, some sunglasses for my oldest and quite a few of my middle child's gifts. After that I think it was just a slippery slope into shopping for all kinds of things.

A few of my blogger friends shared they had found some great dupes.  Stylish belts, a tote or two, and more.  I was a little skiddish but after purchasing both the H belt + the orange tote I can tell you they are great dupes.  My only advice when you purchase a dupe is that you own it.  It is what it is, they aren't the real deal and you should share when others ask.  That is my policy and I am happy to share what I do splurge on, and what I don't and these items are not splurges.

I have some tips if you new to shopping fashion on Amazon.  First of all, did you know that Amazon owns Shopbop?  Shopbop is one of my favorite online stores after Nordstrom + J.Crew.  I love that they have two day shipping (Hello Prime!!) and free returns.  You can try some things you think you will love and then return what doesn't work, and that is a win, win.  I recommend you do the same with Amazon Fashion.  There are so many great brands on Amazon that you will be familiar with and I would suggest starting there.  Also, I only shop fashion that is available with prime shipping.  If I need it, I need it two days from now, not when it can arrive from China.  Read the reviews, all of them, and make the best decision based on what people are saying.  Then just jump in and give it a try, I have loved what I have purchased and I know you will be just as happy if you give it a whirl.

There are so many things just waiting to be discovered.  I really love this great silk scarf, I have loved these darling denim leggings and I have way more than I own that has been a great purchase.  If I have added it to my shopping list I either own it and love it, or I have a friend who owns it and is also very happy.  I am committed to my policy of only sharing things I use and wear or would use and wear that I know has a great review by a dear friend.

I mentioned on Instastories yesterday that I am traveling to Virginia this weekend to visit my oldest + dearest friend and it is snowing and freezing where she is.  I snagged a great package coat yesterday along with some leggings and a great hat.  Every single thing I have purchased + selected for you in the Clothing section can be seen with this link.  I am currently working on a post to help when you are traveling from one climate to another as this was my first time doing so in quite a while and I found it a little challenging.  All kinds of tips I found and discovered coming soon! 😘

So far I have three categories for you to peruse ... Clothing, Household Products & Coffee Table Books.  I will add more as I check out products and add to my obsession.  If you have anything you want me to check out or you want to share with me ... do so in the comments.  I can't wait to see what you love as well. To shop my picks use this link as a One Stop Shop for all my favorites, and you can peruse some of my favorites below.

Oh, and if you are shopping on Shopbop ... I have some favorites for you below.  They are all so good as well.

I hope your Wednesday is fabulous ... the weather is promising a sunny day and I am truly over the moon about it! 🎉


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