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Starting With Young Living Oils

Happy Thursday to you all!  I had to make a break in the regularly scheduled Weekly Wellness schedule to bring you a post that so many of you asked for regarding purchasing and using essential oils.  So to sum up, I am new to the essential oil + clean living journey as I just began about two weeks ago.  This year we have committed as a family to living as clean as we can.  Why?  Well after last year and our journey with mental health + cancer life just isn't the same.  We aren't the same and to support our family as best as we can, in any way possible, it is time to examine what we expose our bodies and minds to and so the journey to clean living has begun. 

As I headed for bed last night I asked two questions, where and how do you want to learn along with me + what is your knowledge of essential oils.  I asked the questions, set my daily alarms and headed off to bed.  I woke up with a phone literally filled with answers, questions and thoughts from so many of you and the questions at this point are just 12 hours old.  To say my phone was flooded was an understatement. It was very apparent to me that you are hungry for the same information I am and I needed to make some decisions on how to share the information. 

First, I had started a second Instagram account dedicated to clean living and the journey.  For a lot of reasons this was the right thing for my business.  One, I have so much to share and I feel restricted trying to share screen time and space with my daily feed.  Second, I work with so many businesses as a brand ambassador that I don't want to share the space.  I want to devote 100% of my time with you on both subjects and to do them justice it was time to start a new account.  You can find that new account and I can not wait to get started.  I will be sharing daily posts, lots of stories (and saving to Highlights), but the blog will still be the best place to read the information. As the journey to Clean Living unfolds this space here will still be the place to gather the bulk of the information and links to products.  It allows you to read it in bulk and it allows me to share links easier.  As time goes on this will make sense to you. 

So ... here we go. 

Essentials oils are so incredibly vital to our clean living journey.  First of all with oils you can transform your home and your life.  You can, and should, diffuse in your home.  Think of your favorite places.  When you go to the spa, doesn't the smell add to the relaxing environment,  When you walk into your favorite shop in the mall, Anthropologie, doesn't it smell like heaven and you want to capture the smell and bring it home.  For me smells most definitely conjure up amazing feels and I can add those to my home to support our peace, calm, and tranquility which in the world we live in we all need.  Second, they can support us in so many health issues.  Stressed, I have a roller for that ... Icky tummy, I have a roller for that ... Child with anxiety at school ... I have a roller for that.  Now, don't miss understand me one single bit.  These oils are not here to cure anything, but they can support you in so many ways that don't involve me upping my anxiety medication or adding to my migraine prevention vitamins.  We already take so much that we have to take and I would like to see us take less medicine and support our bodies in other ways.

I began diffusing oils in the kitchen two weeks ago to help with our morning routine.  As a mother this is by far my most stressful time of the day.  One child dislikes mornings, one child is prone to anxiety before school, there is hustle and bustle and dogs barking and I want to scream for the Calgon.  I now get up in the morning and start the diffuser while I am brewing my coffee.  The dog stopped barking, my non morning person is smiling and asking for a diffuser in her room (YES!) and we have not had any extra anxiety.  I call that a major win and I am on board with purchasing two more diffusers for their rooms. 

Why Young Living?  Essential Oils are NOT created equal.  You need to trust me and you can read up on your own.  Some warn against placing on your skin, with do not ingest on the back of the bottle.  Some include synthetic ingredients which are not good for you, your children and your pets.  This is 100% not the case with Young Living.  Young Living are safe and pure oils you can ingest, use topically and most definitely diffuse around your family + your pets.  To mean that means that the money I am investing is worth every single drop of oil. 

How to start ... you need to purchase a Premium Starter Kit.  This is the best choice when purchasing Young Living Essential Oils.  Do not purchase as a retail customer, it costs so much more and you will end up wishing you had purchased the Starter Kit!!  The kit includes over $400 of products for $160 and the diffuser (which runs for 10 hours) is free.  On its own the diffuser is $80 and you do not want to make that choice, pinky swear!!  Your starter kit includes 11 oils + the roller attachments to be able to roll your oils.  Every single oil I am using at the moment and loving came from my kit.  I have yet to purchase any additional ones, but will be doing so with my monthly order which is being processed next week. Purchasing the kit also allows you to order additional products at 24% off retail ... which means you can add in Thieves products or additional oils and get them at below retail prices.  If you only hear me this one time ... do not purchase retail, it is so much better for you to purchase the Starter Kit! 

Once you place your order I will send you a welcome email and we can begin the journey together.  I am telling you I wish I could sing and dance on camera for you and tell you how happy I am I made this decision.  Our house is already so much cleaner (with my new products) + smells like Antropologie and I am so much more peaceful.  And as an extra bonus ... my husband's white blood cell count, which has been low since he started chemo is climbing once again because the space he is living in has less germs and he is using safe anti-viral products.  I would not have believed it if I had not seen the paperwork.  This is the best news we have had as a family in weeks, and I will take every single bit of it.  #yesplease

And that is something worth every single cent and moment of my time!  You will love Young Living ... I promise you!!

Have the best Thursday all ... I adore each and every one of you!

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