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A Tale of Two Sweaters + My Favorite Necklace

 As I told you a few weeks ago I found that I had a sweater problem, as in I had a large number of grey, black, navy, and cream with a tiny sprinkling of pink and light blue.  It was a shock to me when I was looking to add a colorful sweater to my outfit on a gloomy day.  I also noticed I had a lot of sweaters and most of them I had not worn for quite some time.  I hang my sweaters on wood hangers since my folded space in my closet is next to nil and the sweater section was taking up a good four feet which, honestly, is embarrassing.

So, I snagged a few new sweaters but I vowed to Marie Kondo the sweater section of the closet.  It was bad and I had no idea how out of control it had become.  One day about two or so weeks ago I set aside the morning and I took all the sweaters out of closet, and as a bonus, the scarves as well.  An hour later I had a curated selection of sweaters I was excited to wear and I had removed some that needed to go long ago.  I am proud to report I gained a solid two feet of hanging space in my closet and got rid of so many that I haven't worn in I can not tell you how long.  The scarf section ... it is half its size and I will not miss one single scarf I consigned.  If you see me looking at big scarves out in public please do us all a favor and remind me I don't want or need even one more.  😘

I have worn the black sweater above about four times since the sweater clean out.  I love it so and it feels new since I completely forgot I had it, so basically it is.  I don't have a source for it, but I do have one that is similar and comes in 18 colors.  I have my eye on the pink and also the green and I will update you when I order them.  I do love a cozy sweater ... don't you?

While I was sorting out my closet I broke my very favorite necklace which was hanging on the back of the doorknob. I was so broken hearted as it means the world to me.  The chain was long, but thin and since the necklace is older I am sure it had lived a whole life before it found me. The chain snapped in two and I was left with a piece I was sure was lost forever. I am lucky to work with and own so many fabulous James Avery pieces and immediately thought of them to replace the chain.  My new medium rope chain arrived just the other day and I am happily wearing my necklace again which brings such joy to me.  It was a surprise gift from my friend Lance and it has five M's plus a heart charm ... one for each of us.  It is vintage and he spotted it and grabbed it immediately.  I am so happy to be able to have it perfect again and to know that the chain is thick and solid and can be repaired if anything at all happens to it again.

I wore it two days ago with this light grey sweater that I snagged from a blogger friend with a swipe up.  (I told you I really love to score things with a swipe up!) It is over sized (so order down), the softest sweater I may own and I love the neck.  I know I do not need another black sweater, but I am also ordering it in black because it is a great dress up or down sweater, and like I said, is so very, very soft.

Have you begun tidying your home now that Marie Kondo's show is on Netflix?  So far I have tackled three spaces in our room and finished our bathroom, which is an incredible feeling. 

Have the best Friday ... we have a jam packed weekend and I could not be more excited!  🎉

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