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12 Happies Du Jour

Happy Tuesday!!  I am heading to Summit today and I am literally skipping on air I am so ready to have the inspiration flow thorough me!!  I have so many things packed to share with you while I am gone so make sure you are following along on Instagram and most definitely with Stories.  I will be over-gramming for sure!! The image above is from my first Summit and I will be missing Krystine this trip so much as I have never attended without her.  She will be home loving on that amazing new baby boy, so I completely understand.  Doesn't mean I won't be texting and face timing her like mad. I am rooming with my dear friend Emily McCarthy and we are staying at the King & Prince which is a first time for me.  I usually stay at a Sea Island property but we are switching it up for some new content!! 

Stay tuned ...

In the fall of last year June St. George reached out to me to work together on a custom monogram rug.  Monogram + rug ... oh I knew I would love it immediately.  Then they made the offer even better by telling me I could use my couture monogram created for me by Emily McCarthy. I immediately knew I wanted to add it to our guest bathroom outside the sink area.  They were amazing!!  They sent samples of threads for me to check out, worked with me back and forth via email to perfect every single detail and answered every single question I had, and I had so many.  I can not tell you how excited I was to get the finished product which was the perfect match to the brand new shower curtain I had made a while back.  I am truly loving it to greet all our guests who are so much like family to me. Don't you love it? 

If you are ordering or buying flowers for your sweetie ... I found this article that suggests the 13 best flowers to choose for Valentines Day!! I love all flowers but my favorites are pink roses, tulips, and peonies. 

I just bought these darling readers ... aren't they fabulous?

Grilled oysters are one of my favorite things to eat!  This article on how to grill them makes it sound soo easy!  I am all in!!  

I shared this image on Instagram last Friday and everyone flipped over the shirt + the mug.  Elizabeth Wilson has amazing clothes and you should most definitely check them out.  The mug is equally as darling and you can get so many fun combinations.  I love the Chinoiserie + all the gingham!

Anyone buy themselves something super cute to wear for Valentines Day?  I did ... and I am so excited to wear it!!  I am wearing pink earrings + grey sweater + white jeans + pink shoes.  I swiped up from my friend Mandy to score the sweater + my friend Ashley to get the earrings.  Love my girlfriends and their amazing finds!!

This hat is darling ... and I would wear it all day every day!!  ❤

Anyone else love Celine sunnies?  I do too, but the cost isn't my favorite!!  I was so excited when I spotted these which look so much the same and the price is so much better.  I love a good find!!

So for a while Amanda from The Grove in Winter Park has been telling me to try these.  I have been very suspicious, well because, I have larger girls. 😙 Well recently I googled them and watched the video of how they work and I am completely sold on trying them.  People who own them swear by them which is pretty much the best review you can get.  The woman who designed them has larger girls then me so I am purchasing and making these part of my packing list every single time I travel.  I think you should try them too!

I have raved before about my love of Truffle bags.  They are the best and this size (in the photo above) is amazing for airplane travel because it is TSA approved and holds so much more than a quart size Ziploc bag.  I recently got this size to hold my essential oils in my purse for traveling.  For my trip to Sea Island I am taking a diffuser and quite a few oils to make sure I stay healthy and for some extra help in case I get a migraine or feel super anxious which I have been feeling a lot lately.  The oils really have helped me just refocus some and have kept us sleeping well + germ free.   

This video?  I have watched it twice and think I need to up my eyebrow game!!

Anyone own Chanel ballet flats?  I just purchased a pair resale (at the best price ever!!). I have always wanted a pair but I wasn't sure how comfortable they would be.  They do run a half size small in my opinion, but they are truly sooo comfortable and they are quickly becoming my new favorite.  I am now very interested in purchasing more pairs as a ballet flat in one of my favorite pairs of flats to wear.  I spotted a great selection here that I think you should check out.  I can't tell you how comfortable they are ... which makes them one of my new favorite pairs of shoes!  On my radar ... a black pair and a quilted pair!

I hope you have the best day ... 💗 

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