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What I Pack In My Tote For Travel

A few trips back I discovered that the best way for me to pack for a trip is to pack a large tote as my carry on and to carry my purse separately.  I can pack my laptop easily, add in a book, a baseball hat or a scarf, some snacks and a water bottle + so much more.  It just makes so much sense. My favorite bag to take as a tote is my Louie Vuitton Neverfull (the large one) which truly holds so very much.  I can use Louie as a back up for my purse and pack it with so many things that are extra and don't fit in my purse but I need with me on a trip.  I purchased an organizer to fit inside and now packing for a trip has never been easier.

It all started with the organizer which I spotted after another blogger shared it.  I was intrigued, but wasn't sure it would work for me.  But ... when I realized it was $20ish I knew it was worth trying and I can't tell you how much it helps.  I can find every single thing I need so quickly when the bag is filled to the brim with all sorts of things.  I don't use it for everyday use, but I love it for travel.  Since I purchased my Speedy in the fall I have used the larger tote less for everyday and only for trips.  I am sure I will use it more later, but for the time being it is getting a much needed rest. I may even have it painted. 

I am a pretty organized person (my family loves to tease me) and truly love things to be in their places.  The organizer fits right down inside the bag and allows me to keep everything in its "spot".  Every single time I pack it for a trip I know exactly where things need to be so I can quickly tell what I am missing. Since I travel more than I used to I have found that having a system makes the prep go so much faster.  Over the past few years I have forgotten a few things and it always seems to be something big that will affect my trip ... as in my sunglasses or my phone charger. 😒

What is inside ... 

My laptop
Small note pad 
Two pens
Blogging calendar
Small zip bag with laptop charger
Prescription glasses in case
Extra pair of readers in case
Two snacks (for me its a protein bar + almond butter)

As you can see there is plenty of room still left in the bag to place my Speedy + either a hat or a scarf.  I can easily slide my water bottle down next to my book and move the lotion next to the wipes.  Easy peasy and this has been the best solution for me for travel. 

I can honestly say it may be the best $20 I have ever spent!  

Happy Monday!!


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