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12 Happies du Jour

Hi lovies!!  I am full of energy this week which means you will see me bopping all over Stories with so many fun things to share. As I have told y'all, I love February and Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays so the extra energy is fulled by both of those amazing details.  I am wearing all the pink, all the hearts and filling my friends texts with love notes to show them how special they are to me!!  I hope to inspire you to do the same.  We all crave to hear we are loved, adored, wanted and treasured and this month is the best time to get started with sharing those details with the ones who mean the very most to us. 💗

So many great things to share today ... so let's do this!!

My talented friend Eric Ross has released his first book and it is really, really good, not that I expected anything less.  I highly suggest you grab one for yourself from his website.  You can request a special note inside along, so don't forget to do so!

Just a tiny sneak peek ...

Image via @evinphotography

Image via @evinphotography

WELL DONE friend, you killed it! Eric has been in business for over 20 year and his book of business in unending.  I love seeing the homes he has decorated in print and will be taking in the details for quite some time.  Get your book today!

I have a new diffuser combination that I am obsessed with and think you should try for yourself.  Three drops each of Lemon + Rosemary + Joy.  Makes my whole downstairs smell like heaven.  If you want to get started with therapeutic oils for your family there are more details in this blog post!

I shared a few weeks ago that I thought a Bloody Mary bar was epic and the perfect way to set up for brunch.  Well, I have now discovered the Shrimp + Grits bar and my life is forever changed.  More details coming soon but this was one of my favorite things we ate on Friday in Sea Island.  So. Very. Good.

If you need to send flowers this week I highly recommend FTD.  I have ordered before and they have treated me to many a bouquet and every single time they are stunning.  A few of them are on sale which is the best treat for a busy week like this one.  I would most definitely check them out, their Valentine bouquets can be found here.

So much goodness this month at Beautycounter.  First, a brand new Brow Gel has just been released and since brows are an area I need to focus on I am thrilled to see more options.  This gel looks amazing and I ordered mine immediately.  Second ... its Flawless in Five month and this means we are focusing on getting ready in five minutes with just six products.  For me this means my makeup has never looked better and I know I have six products that help me feel so pulled together and on point for each day.  This month they are offering a free retractable brush with your Flawless in Five and this brush is one of my absolute favorite things they sell.  Just to recap ... you get six products plus a retractable brush for your foundation for just $150.  Safe and luxury makeup for an amazing price. Get one asap!  

My favorite retailer has some amazing new arrivals and I have linked them all below.  A few of them are 40% off with code COFFEE so snag them while they are on sale.  I love the pastel theme and the tortoise earrings linked at the end are 😍.

I have a super fun account for you to follow on Instagram.  She is witty, hi-larious and so talented.  You must check her out.  When you follow her tell her I sent you over!

This darling bag was a major hit at Summit.  So many people complimented me and asked for the source.  This bag is perfect for spring and every single evening out for the summer months.  Make sure you grab yours while they are still available.  You can purchase one here.

As we all know I love a good pink cocktail.  I had a yummy one at the Sea Island Beach Club which was similar to this one.  I will be making these on repeat for a while as it was soo very good.  The cocktail we had was not frozen, it was served over crushed ice so you could vary it as you think it would taste the best for your liking!

These espadrilles are favorites of mine and I get questions about them every time I wear them. After four days of heels these were such a happy pair to wear, they are so very comfortable. I linked them for you here along with every color they come in currently.  I suggest you snag a pair of them for spring, you will adore them!

You know I am obsessed with coffee mugs.  I try so hard not to buy too many of them, but it is what it is, I snag fun ones all the time.  I am trying to keep the purchasing to a minimum but this Friday, Saturday and Sunday options are just too cute to pass up! 

Anyone else a huge Dolly Parton fan?  I just think she is fabulous and this news makes me super happy!

I have a fabulous little refresh coming to you starting Thursday ... so this weeks Weekly Wellness will be coming on Friday.  Gotta squeeze it all in to you.  

Happy Tuesday sweet friends!  Hope it is a good one! 💗


  1. So much fun packed into one post! xoxo

  2. I love your blog so much!!! It's always a happy spot in my day! jthorntonwilson

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