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Adventure Refresh

Happy Thursday to you!!  ❤ I am so very excited to share a project with you that begins today.  I have partnered with some fabulous bloggers as we all share a little project refresh in our homes.  Nothing too big but something we all felt needed some love and attention.   What I love about these amazing bloggers is that they all inspire me and they write incredible blogs, ones you should all read.  I am blown away by the level of talent and inspiration they bring and I am so very blessed to be among this incredibly creative group.

For our home I will be refreshing our upstairs hall.  Refresh is a bit of an understatement as it is the one area of our home that I feel like is so very sad.  It is a neutral color, has poor lighting and is just not at all reflective of the rest of our home with the exception of the photos and memories hanging on the walls.  To be truthful, even those need to be edited and added to, and just rehung. Basically I am taking every single thing down, editing, adding different ones, and starting over.  I am thrilled to tackle this area of our house and I hope you will love this as much as I am going to when it is done.

I am so very excited to tackle this space as I see it so many times a day and it literally provides no joy, its completely flat.  The wall color isn't pretty, the lighting is just sad and it needs some serious love.  The Adventure Refresh is perfect for this space because I have two weeks to start it, share some details and then the last week you will get to see the finished project.

My plan ... 

Replace lights with new amazing Hudson Valley lights
Paint the walls adding in color
Remove all art and photos + edit pile
Frame new photos
Add in some fabulous art from minted.
Add in a fabulous mirror
Paint bedroom + hall bathroom doors
Completely refresh the feel and look of the upstairs hall

Honestly I know the new lights and the paint will make the space immediately better so after that I am just so excited to hang all the new pieces and new edited family memories.  I am most definitely a person who loves to frame special memories and it will be fabulous when I am all done.  My vision board is based off some incredible photos I found of Kate & Andy Spade's apartment and their hallway.  I love how fabulous it is, colorful and full of memories and art, just as I want ours to be when I am done.  Hallway goals for sure!

Some thoughts ... 

We have carpet upstairs and when I first thought about the space I wanted to remove the carpet.  The Hubs immediately nixed this plan as the sound proofing the carpet adds would be gone.  He was right and I reluctantly gave up the idea.  My second thought was to add sea grass and I haven't moved past this idea, but once again, there will be no pad so no sound proofing.  At the moment I am looking at Turkish runners and this may be what I end up with.  I would still like to have a more suitable base for the runner ... but we shall see how it all ends up.

I am also really leaning toward painting the doors in the hallway a bold color. Nothing harsh, most like black, but to me black doors on the second floor is quite bold.  I have to run this idea past the man of the house, so we shall see how that goes.  Fingers crossed ...

And last, I wish to add wainscoting to the walls to continue the pattern from the stairs which we added a few years ago. The walls feel so boring now and I know it will make them so much happier. I am on the wait list for the contractor, and you know how that goes, so once again ... we shall see!!

I am super excited to get started ... I have included two photos of the current state of the hall so you can see what will be changing and why this space is so desperate for a refresh.  As I described it to a friend, its just such a dull space.

Make sure you follow along with all of us in the group.  I love that we all blog for a living and yet, also we all have a space that gives us the blah feelings.  Kind of makes you feel better about that, since I know we all have a place in our home that we wish looked so very different.  This is your motivation to get it done, and scratch the boring space off that to do list!!

Thank you Jewel for inviting me to join this talented group ... I am so very excited to get started!!

Jeweled Interiors

Stay tuned ... and check out Instastories for updates before next week. ✌out boring space!!


  1. So excited to see it refreshed!! This is gonna be so fun!

  2. Oy! I need to "do" my upstairs hallway desperately as well. Several years ago I painted all of my doors black - up and down- except the upstairs doors are black chalkboard paint. It's been fun because we number the doors and put guests names on them when we have company. And Mollie's friends always left notes when they were younger and in and out. I have since painted all of the downstairs doors back to white!! I know :) and now I want to pain them again but something "soft." Just make up my mind already!

  3. What a perfect spot for all of those family memories! Can't wait to see how you spruce it up, Paige!

  4. I LOVE seeing how people decorate and style these often forgotten spaces... can't wait! Also... send me your dog. Adorable. xx

  5. You always do the most fun stuff - I know this will turn out beautifully!

  6. I have a hallway that is full o family phots all framed in and my walls are lime green! The black photos really pop on the wall color! I know it’s not for everyone- but you LOVE color- so thought I would throw it out there ��

  7. Oh I can't wait to see it all! Love your inspiration pics! It's going to look amazing!

  8. I’m so excited to see the final product! Enjoy! ������

  9. Looking forward to seeing your reveal! We all have those places that need a refresh, and it's good to have the encouragement to do it! jthorntonwilson

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