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Adventure Refresh || Sponsors + Plan

Happy Thursday to you.  Why oh why is it when I am working on a project does the time seem to fly right by?  When you begin you think ... oh two weeks is more than enough to transform a hallway and then on week 1 you are all 😳 and sucking down the coffee like its a full time job.  It happens every single time I work on something.  I think it is more than enough time and then the reality hits of all the things that have to be done and then panic sets in. It always works out and this time is no different.  I am prepared and it will be fabulous and the stress will not even be something I remember when it is all done.  She says as she pours more coffee. 

Just in case you missed the beginning of this project I am currently working on a small project as part of a fabulous blog hop called Adventure Refresh organized by the darling Jewel of Jeweled Interiors. I am transforming our rather sad upstairs hallway into a space I can photograph and show off.  You can see my inspiration and before photos here in the first blog post to catch you up to today.  I am part of an incredible group of bloggers that are so talented and the inspiration they are providing me in just insane. I feel so blessed to have been included in this group, and I can not wait to have an incredible hallway when it is done.

I will say it for the millionth time regarding making changing in the house, relying on someone else's schedule makes me cray cray.  I have gotten a commitment from my handy man to begin the work Monday morning.  He will be done and out of my hair on Tuesday by mid day (I may have made him commit to this repeatedly) and at that point the wainscoting will be up and painted and all I have to do is hang art work.  I will call that the positive.  The negative ... the labor is more than I planned for and the budget I set for both the painter and the handy man got eaten up by just the handy man.  So ... guess who donned her painting clothes for a unplanned painting session.  Yep, me.  I love to paint but I don't love all the cutting in and most definitely not when the hallway has six doors in such a tight space.  It is what it is and I am making my way through it.  I also did not plan to install as much wainscoting as I need, so there is that.  It will be amazing when it is done, so I am just thinking about this and not all the other details.

After I posted last weeks stories talking about my thoughts for the space one of the things I mentioned was that I wanted to paint the bedroom doors a color.  Since the walls are a pale Wedgwood Blue (Sherwin Williams Porch Ceiling) and the trim is a high gloss white I was thinking high gloss black.  The more I thought about it the more I realized I didn't love the plan so I scratched the black and chose another color.  It will be high gloss and fingers crossed it will be incredible!  I have been trying to finalize our entry way and stairwell for a while and something just wasn't feeling quite right.  At the moment the entry way is one fabulous color and the stairs and upstairs hallway is another dull color and the whole thing is finally coming together after some time.  I am thrilled with the plan I have made and can't wait to see it all done.  I will have the hallway all done for y'all next week and then the stairway the week after as a major bonus for myself.  It will be so worth it!!

This project would not be near as fabulous as it is going to be without our fabulous sponsors!  I have worked with minted. before and absolutely love their art work and how easy they are to work with so I was thrilled to be able to use their pieces for another project.  I picked out a dozen or so of the pieces I loved and then let the Hubs whittle it down.  The best part about minted. is that you can chose amazing original pieces and customize it with the glass and frame and size you want for the space you have.  I love playing around with it and I can't wait to see the pieces below mixed into our gallery wall.  The problem with the old collection is that it wasn't thought out at all. It was hung randomly and not with any intention or thought which is why it was a major hot mess express.  I have edited the pieces that were hanging, weeded out those that weren't special and printed some new ones along with framing a few things that are so special to us.  Mixing in the incredible minted. pieces is the icing on the cake!

Don't you love them?? I can't wait to see them hung!

Lighting.  The lighting in the hallway was honestly so bad.  The lights made horrible shadows on the wall, provided horrible light, and just were all around wrong for the space. I remember purchasing them thinking I had made a fabulous decision a number of years ago and now I am just scratching my head.  Enter the amazing collection of fabulous lights from Hudson Valley.  When I was searching through their vast inventory it was like the Sears catalog from my childhood, I could have circled so many of the fabulous options.  I decided on the Chandler in Aged Brass and I can not wait to get them hung.  Honestly just having them in the box makes the space feel so much better.  As soon as the ceiling is painted they will be installed ASAP.  I may or not wait the full hour before I pop them up.

I. Can. Not. Wait.

A few sneak peeks before next week ... can't give away too much!!

Until then, check in with all my fellow bloggers, each one is working so hard and their spaces are looking so great.  Make sure you are following along on Instagram and Stories for the sneak peeks!

Have the best day!


  1. Can't wait to see everything come together, Paige! Our makeover has been a lot more time consuming than I expected, too. It happens every time. You'd think I would learn, lol!

  2. Cant wait to see it all next week!!

  3. I love your entry way that looks like Lilly and has old school Jupiter points of interest ~the colors are amazing!
    Can’t wait to see what you do next with the stairwell and upstairs hallway.
    The HV flush mount is a favorite, bc it reminds me of the iconic VC&A necklace and jewelry.
    PS LOVE the Sears catalogue comment ~ very funny and accurate . Have fun with your project ...bc we all will when we see it.



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