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Oil Addict Party of 1

I remember seeing people using Young Living oils and just sort of dismissing it as a "new thing" and never diving any further into them.  As I look back now I realize how very silly I was.  The first time I chatted with someone about using essential oils it was using Frankincense for my husband and I immediately ordered a set of organic oils + a diffuser in August of last year.  I spoke to our oncologist who told me a lot of people love them and for good reasons so I began to research more, but it wasn't until December that Young Living was introduced to me.  I honestly need to send my friend Mandy flowers + a case of wine and most likely something more for opening up my eyes and truly changing our days and most likely our lives.

I know so many of you probably feel the way I did last year when I saw so many people using oils.  It appeared to me to be a "new thing" and I didn't feel the need to jump on the bandwagon.  What I have come to learn is that therapeutic essential oils are anything but new and most definitely not a thing.  There are so many oils on the market from the ones you can get in the Dollar Spot at Target to the new ones sold at the grocery store, but please know this ... not all oils are created the same way and can be used the same.  When introducing oils into the life of your family you need to use therapeutic essential oils and Young Living sells therapeutic oils. These oils can be diffused, ingested, and rolled on your body.

We are beginning our third month of essential oil use and I can tell you both my husband and I are completely sold.  We are and feel so much better than we did before we began using them.  I am not here to tell you that oils can cure anything, because they cannot, but they can help to support you in your daily life and with issues you may be having.   For us they are helping with anxiety, stress, sleep, digestion, headaches, allergies, water intake, and over all health.  I feel like I have some serious tools in my tool box when it comes to the days ahead.  I can not recommend Young Living oil enough!  If I could send each of you your own set I would!  Every single person who has purchased them loves them and I can tell you that you will as well. In two months I went from side eyeing oils to having three diffusers in the house, two large bowls of oils available at my finger tips + a small bag of roller bags I keep in my purse.  And ... I love every single bit of it.

Yes ... I am officially as essential oil addict!!

I thought it would be easy for me to share with you our daily use and then others we use for "rescue situations" so you can see how we use them. After that I will break down the oils in the starter kit to show you how you can use them and all the benefits they provide.  If you have a question that I have not answered here, please send me an email and I will do what I can to help you.

Daily Use ... 

Am ... I diffuse Peace & Calming + a citrus (usually orange) in the kitchen diffuser to set the mood for the day.  The kids come downstairs to a peaceful smell and we have had the most amazing mornings since I began.

I roll peppermint on the back of my neck to help wake up and add lemon + peppermint to my water to help with digestion and to assist in detox.  If I am struggling emotionally at all (didn't sleep or feeling extra stressed) I roll Joy on my wrists.

I roll Valor on my sons wrists and over his heart to give him an extra boost of courage and strength as he heads off for the day.

When I start my work day I diffuse Joy + Peppermint in my office diffuser.  It puts me in an amazing mood and helps me get the lists done!!

In our master bedroom I diffuse a combination of Thieves + orange + rosemary when the Hubs is home during the day and Thieves + chamomile + cedarwood at night for sleep.

For stressful days I roll Peace & Calming on my wrists and behind my ears. I also roll Joy over my heart. Life is hard and I have no interest in adding any extra medication to my daily routine.  I take anxiety medication and have since our middle child was small and instead of upping my dose I am using oils.  It is most definitely helping me!

If I find myself having that major afternoon slump I roll the back of my neck again with peppermint and it carries me through.  This tip and a lot of water which helps so much!

I added three drops of lavender oil to my mascara to boost lash growth and pitched my lash serum and I have also been rolling frankincense on my smile lines next to my eyes before bed and I think they look better, not that I am opposed to them.

PM ... the kids have been sharing a diffuser and I really need to get an additional one.  For the evening and to get them ready for bed I diffuse cedarwood + camomile + lavender.  They sleep wonderful which helps getting them up in the morning.  Teenagers in the morning can be rough.

I take a daily bath and I have begun adding lavender + eucalyptus to my bath if I take it in the evening and peppermint + lavender if it is in the morning. Add oils right before you get in and make sure your water is not too warm, the oils will break down in the heat.

"Rescue" ...

Frankincense - helps to control emotions, and to clear up skin issues

Allergy relief - lavender, lemon and peppermint, diffuse it and make a roller to roll on your temples, chest and behind your ears

Air Freshener ... lemongrass + lavender in the diffuser for clean smell in the house and to awaken the senses

Stress ... mixture of lime and vanilla in your diffuser to support relaxation

Aches + Pains ... Panaway rolled on the area for pain support

Immunity support ... Thieves

Stomach ache + Cramp relief ... roll digize applied right on the area

Headaches ... roll peppermint on your temples (use a carrier oil, this one is potent), behind your neck and across your forehead

Burns ... lavender or chamomile rolled on the area

This article is excellent with suggestions!!!  I made so many notes !!

Here is the thing I hope you understand from this post.  I am so new to oils and they are already making such a difference for us.  The most significant thing I have noticed after our oil use is that my husband's white blood cell count which had dropped quite a bit with chemo is back up in the normal range.  I attribute this to the daily diffusing of Thieves + rosemary for him.  It is most definitely making a change and I could not be happier!!

To order your own kit use this link.  This is the best deal ever, you get 11 oils + a free diffuser and you can immediately order any others you wish for 25% off. If you have oil tips or secrets to share, please pop me an email or comment below. I love all that I am learning and I can not wait to learn more!!

Happy Monday to you all! 💋

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