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Happy February!!

Have I mentioned I love February?  Like, really love it??  I love every single day of it.  The weather is starting to warm just a little bit and I wear all the pink all the days and it just makes me happy.  I may have mentioned at some point that I do not like odd numbers.  They make me feel sort of off ... and the fact that February only has 28 days just seems so very perfect.  Yep, a little odd I know, but it is what it is.  ❤

Did you enjoy yesterday's post?  I got so many messages and emails about Thieves ... I just want everyone to be in the know and make decisions that you feel empowered about for your family.  I am thrilled to be on this journey and I am thankful I get to share it with you.

I have had the oddest week.  Really odd.  As in more stress and anxiety than I have had in months, migraines, weird days and lots and lots of doctor appointments.  As I woke up this morning I was just really thankful for a new month, a new to do list, and a week that is almost over.  Two more doctor appointments today and this week is off like a bad dress!!!  Last night I closed the garage door on the hood of my car adding some not so cute scratches and I just broke down.  I honestly felt so defeated ... but my sweet husband responded with love and told me he would handle it for me.  What is it about a hug + a plan that just seems to wash away the ick??

The upside ... I have ordered some darling things to take with me next week to Summit.  I am getting excited about four days in Sea Island with some of my favorite people.   First of all I ordered these earrings which could not be any cuter!!  I got the pink, but they also come in red. I also needed a neutral heel and found these darling shoes.  They are the perfect balance of a great shoe + a tiny bit of pink + so comfortable.  They come in a number of colors and are really so soft and comfy.  I have a similar navy pair and I have really loved them.

Since I am not adding in any new clothes (for the most part) I have focused on shoes + accessories which always make the clothes you love and adore feel new.  I also ordered this heel and this darling pair which I think will be amazing.  I have pulled two of my favorite August Morgan dresses to take with me along with a pair of white jeans, a pair of wide leg jeans and my favorite black skinnies and now its just pulling together accessories + bags + tops.   I have thrown in my favorite sunnies + a pair of Jacks since it should be in the 70s (ps, they are on major sale!!) + a darling new bag I can't wait to show you!!

I don't think I shared with you that I bought a carry on suitcase to take to DC since the older one I used fell apart after its trek to Haiti and back.  I was excited to get a simple black one that I could carry on that weighed basically nothing.  So ... apparently it was advertised as a carry on but was not as the wheels made it 2.5 inches too tall. After a debacle at security + making me checking the bag at the gate (while holding my boarding pass hostage) + a $50 fee I realized I had purchased the wrong bag.  So ... lucky me I found this one this week which I have had my eye on for a while and saw it was on sale.  I am waiting for its arrival so I can pack it up and show it off in Sea Island! 🎉

Can you tell I am getting really excited??

I don't think I have ever been happier to say ... Happy Friday!!

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