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Weekly Wellness ... Healthy Hair

I have been so excited to share this post with you as it has truly changed my days and most definitely my hair.  As part of my work I read a lot of posts and am always researching something and one day last fall I stumbled onto an article about how to wash your hair.  I was a little skeptical since we all wash our hair, but after reading and trying their tips I realized I was seriously lacking in the washing department.  I was doing it all wrong leaving me with clean hair but needing to wash every few days.  What I am about to share with you seems simple but yet isn't and will most definitely also change your days ... and your hair.

First of all read this article. Read it again.  What I was lacking when washing my own hair was the washing and massaging of my scalp.  Do you ever notice when you get a blow out or get your hair cut it always looks better than it does any other time you wash it?  Well ... part of that has to do with how they wash your hair.  You know that amazing scalp massage they give you that feels like heaven and you want it to never end?  Yes, well that is them washing your scalp.

So here is the thing, I was washing my hair and not my scalp.  Maybe you are as well, and I am here to help you stop that.  I have medium length hair for the first time in my life.  For most of my life I had short hair and washing my scalp was just part of the process since the amount of hair wasn't an issue.  Now that it is longer I have to spend extra time washing my scalp.  I was using a ton of shampoo and conditioner to get it clean and doing it all wrong.  Now I am using less product (I have had the same bottle of shampoo + conditioner for six months) and using it properly and my hair stays clean for a week. Since I am using conditioner just on the very tips of my hair it is clean and conditioned and it is not taking care of itself. Yes, you read that correctly, I am washing my hair once a week and this folks is life changing.

The other thing I was doing wrong was using the wrong brush.  The article recommends a boar bristle brush which distributes the natural oils your hair produces to the ends of your hair.  Most people will tell me they can't go a day without washing their hair and I am here to let you know you can if you wash it right and brush it correctly with the right brush.  I recommend a Mason Pearson brush which may cost you more but it will be the last hairbrush you ever buy.  They are guaranteed for life, so if something happens to yours it will be the replaced.  You, literally, will never buy a hairbrush again.  It is more than worth the investment.

Let's talk shampoo + conditioner.  Make sure you are using a product that is good for your hair.  It should be free of sulfate, silicone, and polymer free .  In addition make sure you aren't using too much.  You should be using about a quarter size and adding water to make it lather before you add it to your scalp.  I have to use a quarter size for the front of my head and another quarter size for the neck area.  I have a lot of hair and it is very thick!!! I use this shampoo and conditioner and so does my family and we all have different kinds of hair.  Thick hair runs on my side of the family and my husbands is thinning (chemo isn't helping) and each of us has healthy hair and for the first time healthy scalps.  My husband was convinced he had a dandruff issue (he didn't) and I am thrilled he is using safe products that are absorbed into his scalp.  Safe is just better!

Heck, while you are trading out shampoo + conditioner to be safe, let's go ahead and swap out all the things in your shower. Remember, I have been using the same bottle of shampoo and conditioner for six months and just had to buy my second bottles.  I also use the conditioner to shave with and I share it with the Hubs.  This set will give you all the things you need in the shower and after.  We are on our second bottle of body wash and it smells like heaven.

Give the French hair washing a try, you will be amazed at how your hair transforms.  And, as a major bonus to you, you will use less product and your beauty care budget will be transformed.  I call that a huge win!

Happiest of Fridays to you all. I hope your weekend is the💣.


  1. THX for this info!!! Ordered the custom shampoo from Domino article.

  2. I love everything you say, but this post just SPOKE to me! And, that second picture of you is my favorite EVER!!!!!!! Thank you!

  3. Thanks l just ordered the Mason Pearson brush for my pathetic fine hair !!!

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