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8 Ways To Celebrate Spring In Your Home

Happy Wednesday to you!  I am super excited about today's blog post as it is one that serves two purposes.  I have partnered with so many talented partners to share our homes with you dressed for spring and I have packed in six tips to help you add spring to your home.  Basically a win, win of sorts since you get to see some of our home and so many other amazing homes as well.  I absolutely love blogger roundups ... it is like being invited over to tour the homes of those you follow online.  What could be better than that?

You may recall I partnered with these same fabulous bloggers at Christmas to show off our homes all decorated and now we are back with our homes refreshed for spring.  I am among a very talented group of bloggers and I am thrilled to be included. Hosted by Dimples and Tangles and Jeweled Interiors the It's A Colorful Life Home Tour is packed full of beautiful homes showing off their spring best.  As I was prepping our home for spring and the tour I decided it was the perfect time to give you my tips on adding spring to your home.

Since we have a lot of color in our home adding color isn't really something I think about.  Our home is full of color all year long, but I do have other things I do to freshen for spring.  First and foremost I start at outside at the front entrance.  Freshening the front door outside is always a great thing for a new season. This year I added a basket on the front door for flowers and filled it with hydrangeas from Dollar Hydrangea.  I also added two large Boston ferns from the local nursery to our planters and planted two pots of color for the steps.  Nothing two hard and yet makes such a big impact when I drive in or when I walk outside to walk Millie or grab the mail.  I love walking by the front door and spying those large ferns.  💗

Next I schedule a deep clean.  It is always amazing to me how dusty our house gets over the winter months.  I think part of it is due to heat running all winter but a good deep clean always gets me in the mood for spring.  While we are cleaning I tend to change up the furniture layout.  It may be one or two things or in the case of the den last year I moved every single thing with the exception of the coffee table.  Yep, completely moved all the furniture and could not love it more.  I started by moving the sofa to clean behind it and then I decided to move it across the room.  Once that happened it just didn't end. I think changing things, whether it is simply lamps and accessories or the whole room, gives you a fresh feel and changes up how you entertain.

As you know I love having fresh flowers in our home.  It is a weekly to do list item for me on Mondays and makes my weeks so much better.  I love fresh flowers and adding them to our bedside table, coffee table, kitchen, and entry brightens up our home.  For spring I love to add seasonal flowers and blooming branches in my big jars and vases.  When I first moved to Georgia I was treated to tulips growing in the spring.  I had never seen them growing before and the sight of tulips always makes me feel the same way it did that first spring in 1994.  This year I have been crushing on both white and yellow tulips and I have used them both mixed and separate and I really like them both ways.  I usually display them either in a large crystal rose bowl that belonged to my mother in law or in these monogrammed mint julep cups.

Oh, and my friend Claudia treated me to these camellias from her incredible yard.  Aren't they stunning?  Oh ... and that is another sneak peek of my new office which is getting is getting its own blog post very soon!  😘

One of my favorite places to change things is the mantle.  By swapping out your decor on your mantle you instantly change your room.  And since it is a new season why not do it now and add in some of your favorite things plus a pair of vases for some blooming branches.  Our Trader Joes carries forsythia branches which I bring home and put in a vase with some hot water.  In a few days they will begin to bloom instantly bringing the outside new season into your home.  I first snagged some branches about a month ago when I was working on our upstairs hallway and the weather was not friendly at all.  The bright yellow blooms made it feel warm and sunny inside when it was cold and rainy out.  They will last a few weeks and are most definitely my favorite spring hack.

We have quite a bit of rattan and wicker pieces but they definitely show up more this time of the year.  Since I trade out tables and other pieces to keep the house fresh I make sure I add in all the rattan + wicker pieces to add to the warm weather feelings.  I suggest doing this with trays and small pieces if you don't have a side table or umbrella stand.  I love this piece which is sadly no longer available, but vintage shops and antique sales are a great source!

Since I grew up in Florida citrus has always been a huge part of my life.  My grandfather owned a citrus harvest and hauling company and we always had fresh seasonal citrus in our home.  Since I now live in Georgia I try to buy what is in season and this time of the year I most definitely gravitate towards all the citrus.  There is nothing that feels more like the warm months have arrived then bowls of citrus fruits.  Normally they are just in the kitchen and in bowls on the counters, but recently I have been adding a small bowl in our entry way with lemons and clementines and I really love it.  It is the best way to add in more color and the fresh citrus makes it feel like the warm weather is here to stay for good.

Another great way to add in some spring is with a new scent.  I highly recommend a combination of a great diffuser + some wonderful oils and the addition of a good clean candle.  I burn Candlefish candles in our home in the den and in our bedroom.  I love the soy wax + cotton wicks Candlefish uses and I love choosing and making my own candles in one of their workshops.  They are so fun to attend and then you come home with two candles you made yourself.  My personal preference are the citrus and floral scents (shocking, I am sure) and my current favorite is number 31.

I love playing around with pillows on the sofa for the seasons.  I have a few I swap between the den, the guest bedroom, and in the hostess chairs in the kitchen and dining room.  For spring this year I added the two animal print pillows I scored from Homegoods. Adding in new pillows to the sofa and chairs in a room can make it feel so different.  I love using animal prints to balance all the color we have, I use them like neutrals and it helps tone done the color explosion.  😉

Now that I have given you all my tips ... here are a few more images of our home right now. As I said the office reveal is coming soon, but I can tell you I am absolutely loving all the green.  I have needed to overhaul my office for quite some time and it is such a happy place for me!

I love the sun pouring in, the birds chirping, the new season and the way our home is most definitely the best place I know.

I even pulled out my Vietri dishes to add them in for a fun spring feel ... you must check out yesterday's post on the amazing Online Warehouse Sale which starts today!!!  These Viva dishes are part of the sale!!

You must check out the rest of the homes on the tour, they are all amazing spaces!




I hope your Wednesday is fabulous ... two more days until a new weekend!! 🎉

images by Angie Webb Creative


  1. I can't wait to see your office, Paige! I love how curated and chic your whole home is- great tips.

  2. Any tips on where I could find some large planters like the ones you have on your front porch? I’ve checked our local out door and patio spots and they don’t seem to have anything like this!

  3. I adore EVERYTHING about your tour Paige! Completely stunning!!

  4. Love your beautiful home, Paige! The pops of color, the fresh flowers, the's all so perfectly curated.

  5. A huge part of planning new house construction is picturing what your ideal home should look like and then going about creating it.bling placemats

  6. I love how you use EVERY color! It is so perfectly eclectic and curated. Beautiful spring home!

  7. I honestly can't get enough of your home! I LIVE for your colour mixes, and your pattern selection - so good. Spring has sprung!

  8. Paige this is absolutely gorgeous! I adore your entryway and the bright welcoming your guests and family get as soon as they enter. Everything is absolutely beautiful! :)

  9. what delicious eye candy! i’m glad i stumbled onto your blog. i need to know where that green sofa is from! is it vintage or new? i’ve been looking for a sofa like that for a long time. ��

  10. I love the soy wax + cotton wicks Candlefish uses and I love choosing and making my own candles in one of their workshops. They are so fun to attend and then you come home with two candles you made yourself. stainless steel trash can

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